Academic Advantages

Tutorial Program

Students are entitled to join our tutorial program; they can receive complimentary tutoring for almost any subject at the University. Tutoring for the most popular subjects will be offered in the House, whilst an agreement with other colleges means that tutorials for less popular subjects can be found on campus.

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General Academic and Professional Skills Program

We provide a general academic and professional skills program in house. Topics include Cultural Intelligence, Time Management, Assignment Presentation and Study Skills. Academic mentoring is also provided by senior residents and members of the college.

Peer Learning

Living with other students is of great benefit to the academic development of any young adult. New residents will be introduced to residents who are doing the same degree as them, as well as older residents who have nearly completed their degrees. They act as academic mentors, giving advice to new students on anything from subject choice and timetabling to assignment writing and the best spots in the Library.

Guest Speaker Program

The Guest Speaker program also exposes residents to top academics in a range of fields, ensuring that International House residents receive a rounded education whilst here at Sydney.

Language Development

Residents also have the opportunity to hear other languages and participate in language exchange. English language development is crucial to the success of all international students; living at IH enables students to develop their discussion and speaking skills. Many international students arrive in Australia, get housing with people who speak their mother tongue and fail to develop their language skills outside of the classroom. At International House students talk with people from around the world (including our large Australian cohort) everyday.

Study and Discussion Spaces

At International House we have several study spaces, including a library and computer room. The computer room has printing, photocopying and scanning facilities. We also have several music practice rooms including a Baby Grand Piano. There are plenty of rooms for group work and discussion including the Party Room and Coffee Room.