Facilities and Amenities

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International House has a fantastic range of facilities for residents to enjoy. These include:

Residents can enjoy the rooftop garden area with a barbecue grill and sheltered seating overlooking panoramic views of the Sydney city skyline. More practically, residents can air dry clothes on the provided lines.

Sick of sitting indoors? International House offers gardens on the rooftop, near the dining hall, and in the inner courtyard.

Coffee Room
Relax and enjoy the coffee room with a beverage and friends. International House also subscribes to a variety of magazines and provides the Sydney Morning Herald.

IH's general library has a range of reading materials on offer. It's also a great place to study.

Computer Access Lab
The Computer Access Lab has modern computers and a printer, photocopier and scanner. Students have access to this lab 24 hrs a day.

Sports Room
IH accommodates a pool table and a ping pong table in two designated sports rooms. Residents can also use the University sport facilities in the main campus.

The Shop
Need something but too lazy to walk 5 minutes to Cole's? Get it at the shop from your friendly shop coordinator.

Wool Room
A nice circular function room in which many IH events take place. It has a grand piano and a projection screen for movies.

Car Park
International House has a small car park which provides residents with spaces for cars and motorbikes. There are also bicycle racks for push bikes.

Television Rooms
There are two television rooms (one cable and one free-to-air) in the House with televisions and comfortable seating.

Meditation Room
A small space of quiet to sit and think.

Laundry Room
The laundry has coin operated washing machines and dryers, and ironing facilities.

Dining Room
The dining room is always open, with large tables for studying or socialising. There are also pantries on every floor equipped with a microwave and fridge should residents require to make their own snacks.

Log Cabin
IH has a Log Cabin in a national park (Belanglo State Forest , NSW). The cabin is totally furnished and is available for residents' use and other IH activities.