In Food we Share

We cater for a diverse community of residents and meals are designed to be as international as possible. We cater for vegetarians and other special requirements. All meat from the Servery is Halal.

The Dining Hall is the heart of the International House community where students from around Australia and World eat together and share ideas. All catered residents receive 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast that includes a range of cereals, milk, fruit, toast, hot drinks and hot breakfast options. There is always a hot option for lunch or help yourself to something from the salad bar. If you cannot get back from class you can order a packed lunch to take with you in the morning. Dinner is the choice of three hot meals or salads; if your classes run late or you have to attend an event you can order a dinner to be kept for you. Every semester resident elected Food Coordinators work with the Catering Staff to design menus that satisfy the wide range of tastes and cultural needs of residents.

Meals are served in the Servery and eaten in the Dining Hall. After you have finished your meal please bring your food and utensils to the Coffee Room. Residents are not expected to wash up but they must place waste in the Coffee Room bins provided and put your cutlery and crockery in the containers provided. If residents wish to offer meals to non-residents meal tickets must be purchased from the Office and presented to catering staff.

Drinks and snacks are available from the vending machines in the Coffee Room and also from the IHMA Shop which opens nightly. Residents are able to use the pantry kitchens and the Party Room kitchen to prepare additional snacks and meals.

Meal Times during Semester

Dining Room Weekdays Weekends & Public Holidays
Breakfast 7.30 - 9.30am 8.30 - 10.30am
Lunch 12.30 - 1.30pm 12.30 - 1.30pm
Dinner 5.30 - 7pm 5.30 - 6.30pm

A Month of Meals

The tables below show an average month of meals at IH. Residents are very welcome to suggest meal ideas to the food coordinators and the catering staff. Constructive feedback is also welcome.

  Meat Free Monday (Optional) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast   Hot and Continental Breakfast served daily     

Beef & pumpkin curry

Tofu & vegetable curry

Fried rice

- Chicken
- Beef
- Vegetable

Fish, calamari & chips

Vegetable patties & chips

Chicken & prawn fricassee

Vegetable & tofu fricassee

Laksa chicken or beef lemak

Vegetarian laksa


- Chicken
- Beef
- Vegetable

Chicken, bacon & avocado burgers with chips

Veggie burgers with chips

Dinner 1  Pork saute with Pirri Pirri sauce & rice Chilli lime chicken Peking Duck with rice Szechuan chicken Lemongrass chicken with rice Honey soy & garlic beef stir-fry Chicken Tikka
Dinner 2 Creamy lamb and tomato pasta Lamb shanks with rosemary & mashed potato Beef brisket pot-roast Spagetti with beef meatballs in a tomato sauce Roast pork with cardamon & mushroom sauce Baked fish in miso sauce Chorizo pasta in neapolitan sauce
Vegetarian Red lentils, potato & eggplant casserole Ravioli with mushrooms & spinach in neapolitan sauce Sweet potato & kidney bean hotpot Creamy pesto pasta with tofu & beans Gohbi Masala Vegetarian puff pastry parcels Fragrant egg curry & lima casserole


  Meat Free Monday (Optional) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast   Hot and Continental Breakfast served daily     

Mongolian lamb stir-fry with rice

Mongolian vegetable stir-fry

Beef or chicken pies with chips

Vegetable pies with chips

Chicken & prawn coconut curry with rice

Vegetarian coconut curry

Chicken caesar salad wraps

Vegetable caesar salad wraps

Malaysian noodles with beef

Malaysian noodles with tofu

Teriyaki chicken with rice

Sweet chilli chicken with spicy potato wedges

Sweet chilli tofu with spicy potato wedges

Dinner 1  Peppery creamy chicken with rice Sweet & sour pork Beef Stroganoff Chinese pork & noodle stir-fry Veal schnitzel in mustard sauce Chilean BBQ chicken Beef & beer casserole
Dinner 2 Fish with parsley sauce Poached chicken supreme with mixed mushrooms Shepherd's pie Spice infused lamb with herb pommes sautes Sweet sticky asian chicken with rice Tandoori lamb Roast chicken
Vegetarian Spiced lentils with raita Bean, potato & zucchini casserole Ravioli with mustard sauce Lentil, mushroom, capsicum, spinach & bocconcini pie Sweet potato & kidney bean hotpot Vegetarian pasta bake Chickpea, spinach & pumpkin casserole


  Meat Free Monday (Optional) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast   Hot and Continental Breakfast served daily     


Chicken schnitzel, mashed potato & gravy

Cottage pie with bok choy

Beef & bean chilli on turkish bread

Noodle day

Pumpkin & bacon soup with bread rolls

Chicken nachos

Vegetarian nachos

Dinner 1  Mie goring - pork Honey & sesame chicken pieces Ragout of lamb with rosemary & garlic Char siu pork stir-fry Chicken, bacon & spinach spaghetti bolognaise Roast lamb with garlic & thyme pommes sautees Paneer & chicken makkani with rice
Dinner 2 Beef rump steak with mushroom sauce Steamed fish in champagne sauce Chicken moussaka American style sticky spare ribs with saute potato Bacon & mushroom linguini Chicken & seafood paella Roast beef with chimichurri sauce
Vegetarian Cheese, mushroom & tofu linguini Lentil & bean casserole Capsicum & corn enchiladas Char siu tofu & vegetables Gnocchi & chickpea casserole Vegetarian noodle stir-fry Risoni with vegetables


  Meat Free Monday (Optional) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast   Hot and Continental Breakfast served daily     

Thai green chicken curry with rice

Thai green vegetable curry with rice


Crumbed fish, thai fish cakes & calamari with chips

Butter chicken with spinach & rice

Ginger beef noodles

Chicken cacciatore

Char siu marinated chicken

Char siu tofu & vegetables

Dinner 1  Chicken dijonnaise with rice Fish in mango sauce Fruity beef casserole with mashed potato Roast duck a l'orange Pork spare ribs with black bean sauce Ginger beef noodles Paprika chicken casserole with rice
Dinner 2 Chilli, prawn & tomato spaghetti Lamb korma with rice Plum & ginger chicken with rice Pork chow mein Creamy pesto shrimp & calamari Steamed fish in fragrant sauce Spice infused roast lamb with mint sauce
Vegetarian Lentil & ricotta cannelloni Vegetable quinoa pilaf Aloo palak Vegetarian filo parcels Vegetarian linguini Yellow split pea curry Bok choy, mushroom & tofu stir-fry

Self-catered Accommodation

Self-catered residents (those living in the Maze Apartments) are provided with a limited number of complimentary meal tickets to be used for either lunch or dinner, to give them the opportunity to engage with the whole IH community.