Leadership and Work Opportunities

Leadership team

The 2013 Leadership Team

All residents are able to gain leadership and management experience within the House. We have both student elected positions and House appointed positions both paid and unpaid. Residents have the opportunity to take on leadership and organisational roles, whilst being mentored by staff and more experienced residents. This practical experience is a great compliment to any University study.

Senior Residents

The nominated leaders of the House, Senior Residents, undergo continuous training on leadership characteristics, first aid, pastoral care, mental health care, fire training, academic mentoring and management.

IHMA Committee

Student nominated positions on the IHMA executive include chairperson, secretary, treasurer, food coordinators, Environment Officers, Social Coordinators, Sports Coordinators and Publication Officers. These are representative roles, where residents have influence over International House policy and events and manage a large entertainment budget. These positions are fantastic learning experiences and even our first years have the opportunity to fill these positions as elections are held in the early part of semester.

Senior Tutors and Tutors

Senior Tutors are responsible for both the timetabling of the IH Tutorial Program as well as providing general academic assistance to the House. They also act for the Assistant Director in his or her absences. The house will offer tutorials for our most popular subjects, where possible International House will try to employ residents to deliver these tutorials.

Other Positions

Other paid positions in the House include:

Harassment and Discrimination Officer (1)
IT Assistants (2)
Website Assistant (1)
Photographer (1)
Social Media Officer (1)

These are appointed on either a semester or yearly basis.

During vacation residents are often hired by the House to run activities for visitors and assist in the management of our vacation program.