International House Members' Association

What is IHMA?

IHMA logo

International House Members Association, or IHMA for short, has represented the interests of residents in the House since its inception in 1967. We organise a multitude of social and cultural events and activities throughout the year, aiming to encourage interaction and community spirit amongst the residents of the House. As a student representative body IHMA also takes feedback from residents about any concerns which they may have about life at the House.

Email with any questions about the association and the events they run.


Check out their facebook page here, to see what life at IH is all about!

Student Union Access Card

IHMA has a partnership with USU. Every IH resident who is a student at the University of Sydney gets an Access Card as part of their membership.

The Access Card represents USU membership, but more than that, your Access Card is the key to loads of amazing discounts that will save you big bucks on and off campus. For more information about your access card please access the following link