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The University of Sydney has an extensive range of Student Exchange Programs with universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Student exchanges are either university-wide, college-level, faculty-specific or department-specific

University-wide exchanges allow you the flexibility to take courses from several faculties if this suits your degree requirements. These exchanges are administered through the International Office.

College-level, Faculty and department-specific exchanges may be administered through faculty or departmental offices and tend to be more focused on a particular discipline. Please note that some faculties do not participate in the student exchange programs as the nature of their courses are too specific to be taken overseas e.g. Medicine, Dentistry.

Please note that the University of Sydney endeavours to provide accurate program information at all times, however, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend programs, change criteria or not renew agreements without prior notice. In the event of this, the International Office will assist in the placement of applicants at other suitable destinations.

New programs may also be added from time to time. Other partner limitations or restrictions may arise from time to time. You are advised to double check program availability, program conditions and other eligibility and selection criteria with the International Office before proceeding with your application.