AusAID for Staff

About AusAID Scholarships

AusAID Scholarships consist of the Australian Development Scholarship and the Austrlian Leadership Scholarship. These are long term training scholarships open to students from AusAID partner countries.

The University of Sydney has a contract with AusAID to administer these scholarships. It is the responsibility of the AusAID Unit in the International Student Office to manage this contract and monitor and assist AusAID students on campus.

Tutorial Assistance

Each AusAID scholarship holder is entitled to AusAID funding for what is termed ‘Supplementary Academic Support’. This funding can be accessed when an AusAID scholarship holder is deemed to require additional help beyond what the University of Sydney and the Faculty can supply. The funding is normally used to employ existing tutors or Faculty Post Graduate students to meet with AusAID students on a one to one or small group basis. This is commonly termed ‘tutorial assistance’. AusAID research students can also access this funding for thesis editing.

For auditing purposes a Faculty representative, normally the subject or degree coordinator, or the AusAID Faculty contact, must confirm that:

  1. The assistance is necessary and is not offered by the University (e.g. from the Learning Centre) or Faculty (e.g. through an existing mentoring program)
  2. The tutor or thesis editor that is to be employed has appropriate skills and knowledge for the subject.

Ideally the Faculty representative will recommend a suitable tutor or thesis editor. If a suitable person cannot be located the AusAID Scholarships Unit can advertise, but the Faculty representative must approve the choice before any applicant can be employed. Please contact the AusAID Scholarships Unit for more information on available rates of pay, contracts and if you require assistance locating a tutor.

Once you have completed and signed the attached form please return it to the AusAID student concerned, who must return it to the AusAID Scholarships Unit. The Unit will organise a contract and appointment form for the recommended tutor or editor. Assistance must not commence until the contract has been signed and returned to the Unit by the tutor or editor; and both student and tutor/ editor have received approval in writing.

AusAID funding is limited, and for this reason we request that a maximum of ten hours of assistance or editing be approved initially. If assistance is still deemed necessary after the completion of the ten hours, the AusAID scholarships unit must be contacted. It is acceptable for a tutor or editor to contact us directly. Both the tutor/ editor and the student must receive approval in writing from the AusAID Scholarships Unit before proceeding with any additional hours of assistance.