Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions for AusAID students here in Australia and on-sholarship. Please contact the if you have other questions.

I have changed my address in Australia, what should I do?

  1. Update your address details in the MyAdmin section of your MyUni account – make sure that this is the address that is marked your correspondence address.
  2. Email the at with your new address details

My Family or Friends want to come to Australia to visit me (for less then 3 months duration), what should I do?

AusAID and the University of Sydney have no objection to your family and friends visiting you during your stay here in Australia. However we strongly recommend that you encourage them to visit you during semester break.

Your family and friends should go to the DIAC website and decide which tourist visa is appropriate for them (it will depend mainly on nationality)

You should download a ‘Request a Letter’ Form from the Student Centre website Fill out this form and hand it into the Student Centre. The Student Centre should be able to produce this invitation letter for you in 5 days. This letter should be included in your Family or Friends visa application.

I want to bring my family to live with me in Australia. What do I need to do?

Please note that AusAID and the University of Sydney strongly recommend that you wait at least three months before bringing your family to Australia.

Please contact the who can supply you with a list of things you need to obtain and guidelines on how to apply for your dependant’s visa.

Am I entitled to Reunion Airfare?

ADS Students:
Eligibility for Reunion Airfare depends on the year you were awarded your scholarship and decisions that were made at the time of your offer letter. You should have been told that you were entitled to Reunion Airfare at the time of your contract signing.

If you are unsure you can contact the AusAID Unit at

ALA Students:
You may choose to use part of your SEA entitlement to return home. However your SEA is primarily a Study Enrichment Allowance and the decision to spend this money on returning home should be taken very seriously.

You must seek pre-approval from the AusAID Unit for an SEA expenditure. Please contact the AusAID unit at for an SEA expenditure approval form.

What do I do if I get offered credit for previous study

You can choose to accept or decline your credit.

Credit can only be accepted after the approval is given by the AusAID Unit. Prior to approving acceptance of credit, the AusAID Unit will require you to speak to your faculty’s AusAID Academic Contact to discuss the implications of your accepting credit on your studies as a whole.

Please note that AusAID will only sponsor the minimum amount of units that is required for you to complete your degree. So if you accept credit your study load will be reduced.

In order to comply with your student visa requirements you need to maintain an appropriate load of study in each semester.

Can I enrol in Summer or Winter School?

You can enrol in Summer or Winter School under the following conditions:

  1. You contact AusAID Unit prior to applying for Summer or Winter School for approval
  2. Attending Summer or Winter School does not mean that you will be enrolled in more subjects than it takes to complete your degree - please note that AusAID will only sponsor the minimum amount of units that is required for you to complete your degree.
  3. You cannot extend your scholarship in order to attend Summer or Winter School
  4. You do not overload your study program by doing more than four subjects in a semester

Does AusAID approve extensions?

AusAID will only approve extensions in unforeseen and exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of the Student and the Institution. Legitimate reasons do not include health issues, family matters, or a death in the family as these are more appropriately dealt with as suspensions.

If you are experiencing issues that are affecting your studies or research you should contact the AusAID Unit immediately for an appointment.

Never assume you will receive an extension. Extensions are becoming more difficult to secure because of budget restrictions.

Extension requests take a minimum of four months to process. If you suspect you will need an extension please contact the AusAID Unit at least six months prior to your end date.

What is my scholarship end date? When will my stipend finish? When do I need to depart Australia?

Final Semester End Date Stipend End Date Departure Date
Semester One (Coursework) 20 July 25 July 19 August or your visa end date, which ever comes first
Semester One (Research) 31 August 5 September 30 September or your visa end date, which ever comes first
Semester Two (Coursework) 20 December 25 December 19 January or your visa end date, which ever comes first
Semester Two (Research) 31 March 5 April 30 April or your visa end date, which ever comes first

If you have any questions about your end date, please contact the as soon as possible.