The Sydney portfolio

Our objective is to enhance the overall wealth and fiscal capacity of the University through the adoption and implementation of investment and capital management best practice. The University relies on investment earnings to support budgeted expenditure and promote overall financial sustainability. In recent years, the annual income derived from the portfolio made up approximately 12 per cent of the University’s overall operating revenue.

University investments

We manage both the University's investable funds and property investments, according to established investment and risk management policies.

Investable funds

The University’s financial investments include a variety of investment instruments and management strategies, and are detailed in the investment procedures.

Our major listed equity holdings

Our largest listed equity holdings across Australian, developed and emerging markets can be found here.

(These holdings are based on the value of each holding as a percentage of each respective sector).

Investment properties

The University’s investment properties consist of commercial office and residential spaces, heritage floor space, as well as student housing and commercial farms.

Commercial farms

The University owns and operates several commercial farms in the Camden region. The farms provide teaching and learning opportunities, and generate funds to support education and research.