The University owns and operates several commercial farms in NSW which provide teaching and learning opportunities and generate funds to support education and research.

Arthursleigh Farm, Marulan

Arthursleigh Farm, Marulan

Arthursleigh Farm covers a total of 6,377 hectares, and carries approximately 15,000 head of sheep and 1000 head of cattle. The property was bequested to the University by the late ETW Holt, and provides teaching and research resources for Faculties of Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Medicine, Science and Aeronautics.

E J Holtsbaum Agricultural Research Institute (Nowley Farm), Spring Ridge

E J Holtsbaum Agricultural Research Institute (Nowley Farm), Spring Ridge

The E J Holtsbaum Agricultural Research Institute (also known as Nowley Farm) is a 2,083 hectare property combining cereal grain production and a cattle breeding and fattening enterprise. The property was gifted to the University by E. J. (Ted) Holtsbaum. Profits support a scholarship fund for the Faculty of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

Corstorphine (Camden Farms Dairy), Cobbitty

Corstorphine (named after a Scottish village by its original owner) lies on the banks of the Nepean River west of the historic village of Cobbitty. The farm supports 350 cows producing high quality milk for the Sydney market. The deep alluvial soils are ideal for growing lush pastures required for milk production. The dairy is primarily used for research and teaching, and generates all of its own operating expenses by operating on a commercial-like basis.

McGarvie Smith Farm / Fleurs Farms, Badgery's Creek

McGarvie Smith Farm / Fleurs Farms comprise 344 hectares of beef cattle fattening enterprises, with limited use by teaching and research staff.

Wolverton, J B Pye, and Coates Park Farms, Bringelly Centre

Wolverton and J B Pye Farms comprise a 466 hectare beef cattle fattening enterprise with limited use by teaching and research staff.

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