Interaction with industry

The Institute of Photonics and Optical Science is managed by the director, deputy director and with the assistance of the executive and advisory committee. Advisory committee members include members from various industries.

Research Collaborations

IPOS has a large range of facilities and equipment that are available for research work and provides industry and the wider research community with access to state of the art fabrication facilities.

Linkage Projects

Linkage Projects allow collaborative research and development projects, between IPOS and other organizations such as industries, to apply superior knowledge to problems. Linkage Projects provides the opportunity for researchers to practice internationally competitive research in collaboration with other organizations and industries. Linkage Projects also develops and encourages strong research alliances with many industries.


Through NCRIS funding infrastructure projects, NCRIS has given the opportunity to access major infrastructure for those IPOS research work. The NCRIS support increase collaboration and networking with relevant industries.

Industry interaction