Second Optical Fibre Drawing Training Course

Second Optical Fibre Drawing Training Course

IPOS, in conjunction with ANFF OptoFab has run a training course on optical fibre drawing, specifically focussing on the fabrication of microstructured polymer optical fibres (mPOF), for the second time during the week 30th September – 4th October. The course had a practical hands-on component that covered all aspects of preform and fibre fabrication, and a set of lectures covering various relevant topics, such as the rheology of fibre drawing, and the physics governing the guidance of light in these microstructured optical fibres, and various software packages for modelling the fibres.

The course was attended by two researchers from the Multimedia University, Malaysia – Dr Zulfadzli Yusoff and Dr Mohd Ridzuan Mokhtar, as well as PhD exchange students Ahmed Alchalaby (Iraq), and Xiaoqi Liu and Wenliang Lu (China), and local student Isabel Chiu. The course was taught by Drs Richard Lwin, Alexander Argyros, Sergio Leon-Saval, Boris Kuhlmey and Alessandro Tuniz.

For more details regarding the course and future courses please contact Alexander Argyros.

Photo from training session

From left to right: Boris, Xiaoqi, Isabel, Ridzuan, Alessandro, Zul, Sergio, Alex, Ahmed, Wenliang and Richard.