IPOS holds a large number of events and seminars. Please refer to our list below for details of past and upcoming IPOS events. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Events in 2015

A Century of Nobel Prizes in Light - Research that changed the World! - Invited Speakers: Andrew Doherty
Dates: Thursday, 21 May
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, School of Physics, The University of Sydney

Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture - Invited Speaker: Professor Federico Capasso
Date: Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Time: 5:45pm for 6:00pm start
Venue: Charles Perkins Centre Auditorium, The University of Sydney
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Events in 2014

IPOS Symposium 2014 – Imaging Spectroscopy
6th & 7th of November 2014
New Law, Theatre 101, The University of Sydney, The University of Sydney

CPC-IPOS Showcase 2014
27 of November 2014
Seminar Room, 6th level, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

Events in 2013

Inaugural Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture - Invited Speaker: Professor Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts University
Monday 4th November, 2013
Lecture: 4.45 p.m. for 5 p.m. start | Reception: 6 - 7 p.m.
Eastern Avenue Complex, Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney (Camperdown Campus)
Free and open to all with registration requested.

Events in 2012

IPOS Symposium 2012 – Low frequency photonics: Bridging the gap
5th & 6th of November 2012
Webster Theatre, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, The University of Sydney

Integrated Photonics Workshop - Turning your Ideas into Photonic Chips
7th of December 2012
University of Sydney
The aim of this professional training workshop was to enhance and broaden photonic chip design capabilities, establishing a framework and knowledge base to simulate and design mask layouts for fabrication of photonic integrated circuits.
The workshop was in two parts; with a morning session of talks on various aspects of photonic chip fabrication and materials. The afternoon session involved hands-on time in the computer lab where Prof Wim Bogaerts and Dr Pieter Dumon from IMEC/Ghent University introduced IPKISS, a computer simulation and design framework for creating photonic integrated circuits.

Events in 2011

IPOS Symposium 2011 - Energy and the Environment: Photonics solutions for the 21st centry
6th and 7th December 2011
New Law, Theatre 101, The University of Sydney

Events in 2010

IPOS Launch and Symposium 2009

IPOS Symposium: Biophotonics 1 – 2 July 2010
The IPOS Symposium: Biophotonics is a two-day meeting with academic speakers.

A vibrant, multi-disciplinary symposium, bringing together researchers working in fibre and planar biophotonics with researchers in the biological and health sciences. Invited speakers give two talks; the first talk a "big picture" overview of the field as you see it, to a broad audience, and the second a much more technical talk on a specific topic.

Time: 1 – 2 July 9.30am - 6.00pm
Location 1 July: MacLaurin Hall, The Main Quadrangle
Location 2 July: School of Physics, LT4
Cost: FREE
More information: Please visit the web page

Events in 2009

September Events

POF 2009
  • The 18th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers
    September 7-11, 2009
    Venue: Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf, on Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
    September 7 - 8, 2009 (The University of Sydney): 2nd International Workshop on POF modelling, 3rd international workshop on Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres
    September 8, 2009: Public Lecture (The University of Sydney)
    September 9 - 11, 2009: Conference Program (Dockside)
    More information: Read the news article in 2009 news and view photos||Visit the official POF Conference website

April Events

IPOS Launch and Symposium
  • IPOS Launch and Symposium
    The Photonic Universe - Faster, Further, Smarter
    On Thursday 23 April, IPOS was formally opened by Senator Anne McEwen, Chair of the Standing Committee Communications, Environment and the Arts and Dr Michael Spence, the Vice Chancellor of The University of Sydney. The launch was followed by an inaugural Symposium, "Faster, Further, Smarter", that provided national and international perspectives on photonics and optical science.
    Thursday April 23, 2009, 9:30-6pm
    Venue: MacLaurin Hall, Sydney Australia
    More information: Please visit the web page||photos

  • PECS VIII The 8th International Photonic & Electromagnetic Meeting
    April 5-9, 2009
    Venue: Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney Australia
    More information: Please visit the website