IPOS Launch and Symposium - "Faster, Further, Smarter"

Thursday 23 April 2009
IPOS Launch and Symposium
IPOS Plaque

The official IPOS Launch and Symposium was held on Thursday 23 April 2009 9:30am at the MacLaurin Hall, The Main Quadrangle, The University of Sydney.

On Thursday 23 April the Institute for Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) was formally opened by Senator Anne McEwen, Chair of the Standing Committee Communications, Environment and the Arts and Dr Michael Spence, the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Sydney. IPOS, is a major new Institute, building on a substantial track record and critical mass of research excellence. The formal launch was followed by a Symposium with internationally renowned speakers that presented the current and future role of photonics.

The formal launch was held mid-morning, and the Symposium commenced at 11:15am. The Symposium, “Faster, Further, Smarter”, provided national and international perspectives on photonics and optical science, providing context for the IPOS mission and opportunities. The Symposium explained the impacts this enabling technology will have on the technological pillars of our society (health, energy, environment, ICT, defence) and how it will allow us to understand our universe on the largest and smallest scales (astronomy to nanotechnology). It also provided insights on photonics from a government and industry / economic perspective.

The IPOS Launch and Symposium was a FREE event, where food and drinks were provided.

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Time                               Speaker
9:30 Registration & Coffee
10:30 Welcome
Prof. Ben Eggleton (IPOS Director)
  Dr Michael Spence (VC - The University of Sydney)
  IPOS DVD Screening
  Formal Launch of IPOS
Senator Anne McEwen (Chair of the Standing Committee Communications, Environment and the Arts)
Symposium Session 1  
11:15 Alan Willner (University of Southern California)
Optical Communications: Innovations (and Their Needs) Abound

Peter Skovgaard (Crystal Fibres)
Photonic Crystal Fibres and Their Applications



Symposium Session 2  
1:30 Simon Poole (Finisar)
Where Next for Optical Communications - an Industry Perspective

Pierre Kern (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble/CNRS/UJF)
Astrophotonics for Interferometry, when Tiny Optics meet Giant Telescopes

2:30 Min Gu (Swinburne University of Technology)
Photonics in Life Sciences - Imaging, Manipulations and Engineering
3:00 Andrew Blakers (Australian National University)
Solar Energy
3:30 Coffee
Symposium Session 3  
4:00 Ron Ekers (CSIRO)
Astronomy, Photonics and the SKA

What's Hot in Photonics
A series of 5 minute talks giving insight into the opportunities presented by new technologies.
 * Fibre Lasers
- Stuart Jackson
 * Holey Polymer Fibre - Maryanne Large
 * Metamaterials & Invisibility Cloaks - Ross McPhedran

 * Optical Pulse a la Carte - Michael Roelens 
                                                      *Silicon Photonics - Christelle Monat

5:00 Stephen Bartlett (IPOS)
Measurement at the Quantum Limit using Single Photons
5:30 Joss Bland-Hawthorn (IPOS)
Astrophotonics- in Search of the First Stars in the Universe
6:00 Reception
7:30 End

How to get there : Please find directions to MacLaurin Hall, The Main Quadrangle here. Please find parking information at The University of Sydney Camperdown campus. Parking is limited at The University of Sydney and it is strongly advised to travel by public transport.

Notes: This is a draft program.
Presentation titles are indicative at this stage.
Running order and times are provisional and subject to change.

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