IPOS Symposium 2011

Energy and the Environment

The 2011 IPOS Symposium was a great success. Thank you for your participation

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6th and 7th December 2011


New Law, Theatre 101, The University of Sydney


The Symposium will focus on the role of optics and photonics in clean energy generation, energy conservation and monitoring, and environmental sensing.

Topics will include energy generation through photovoltaics and photothermal technology, energy conservation through more energy efficient photonics-based technology or monitoring of energy consumption, and environmental sensing.

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Details of Invited Speakers

Symposium Program

Program Summary

Program DAY 1

Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Mary O’Kane
    NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
  • Prof. Ben Eggleton
    Director of IPOS, School of Physics, The University of Sydney &
    Director of CUDOS ARC Centre of Excellence
  • Dr. David Mills
    Co-Founder and Former Chairman and CSO of Ausra Inc. and SHP Pty. Ltd. (now Areva Solar)
    “Concentrating Solar Power Developments”
  • Dr. Muriel Watt
    Chair, Australian PV Association
    “International and Australian PV Markets”
  • Dr. Michael Lebby
    General Manager & CTO, Translucent Inc., USA
    “Green photonics’ growing trends over the next decade”
  • Dr. Dan Kilper
    Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent, USA
    Technical Committee Chair, GreenTouch Consortium
    “Energy Trends and Challenges in Optical Networks”
  • Dr. Al cott
    R&D Coordinator, COM DEV Canada
    “Space Photonics and the Environment”


  • Dr. Chunle Xiong
    Heralded single-photon sources
  • Mr. Rowan McQueen
    Aligned molecules for higher efficiency luminescent solar concentrators
  • Dr. Mark Pelusi
    Overcoming the nonlinear Shannon limit in optical communications
  • Dr. Erwin Chan
    Microwave photonic signal processing
  • Dr. Jochen Shroeder
    An all-optical discrete Fourier transform for demultiplexing OFDM superchannel
  • Mr. Alessandro Tuniz
    Fibre metamaterials
  • Dr. Peter Domachuk
    Silk photonics
  • Mr. Chris Trinh
    GNOSIS: an OH suppression unit for near-infrared spectrographs
  • Mr. Chris Betters
    A diffraction limited spectrograph for a pico-satellite


Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Min Gu
    Director of Centre for Micro-Photonics, Swinburne University of Technology
    “Nanoplasmonic solar cells”
  • Dr. Kylie Catchpole
    Australian National University
    “Improving the efficiency of solar cells using nanophotonics”
  • A/Prof. Tim Schmidt
    School of Chemistry & IPOS, The University of Sydney
    “Spectral management for photovoltaic energy conversion”
  • Prof. David McKenzie
    School of Physics, The University of Sydney
    “Optics and the Management of Solar Energy”
  • Dr. Chad Husko
    School of Physics & IPOS, The University of Sydney, CUDOS ARC Centre of Excellence
    “Energy consumption for all-optical processing in slow-light optical devices: Challenges and opportunities”
  • Dr. Stuart Jackson
    School of Physics & IPOS, The University of Sydney, CUDOS ARC Centre of Excellence
    “Making low energy laser photons efficiently”
  • Prof. Joss Bland-Hawthorn
    School of Physics & IPOS, The University of Sydney
    “Space photonics: the next wave in space instrumentation”
  • Prof. John Canning
    Interdisciplinary Photonics Laboratories (iPL), School of Chemistry, University of Sydney
    “Photonics and the Energy Sector”
  • Dr. Ian Bassett
    Dr. John Haywood, Dr. Andrew Michie, Dr. Mamdouh Matar
    Smart Digital Optics Pty. Ltd.
    “Optical physics, interferometry with intensities computed in real time, and a commercial venture in high voltage power transmission”
  • Prof. Ewa Goldys
    Macquarie University
    “Core-shell plasmonic resonators with high Purcell factor: spontaneous and stimulated emission”

Major Sponsors


CUDOS(Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems)
An Australian Research Council

NSW Department of Trade and Investment

NSW Trade and Investment



Warsash Scientific


Australian National Fabrication Facility








CiSRA – Canon Information Systems Research Australia

Technical Co-Sponsors




Australian Photovoltaics Association (APVA)