Medical Photonics

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Optical fibre technology is playing an increasingly important role in modern medicine. From laser power delivery to endoscopes to non-invasive thermometers, the applications of optical fibre are both widespread and varied. The potential is even more exciting. Much of the technology has been developed by researchers in fields far distant from photonics and there are significant benefits for these researchers in collaborating with specialised photonics groups.

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The University of Sydney has collaborated in the past to develop an in-vivo fibre Bragg grating quasi-distributed temperature sensor and currently collaborates with the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Houston, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the School of Physics at the University of Sydney on the development of radiation dosimeters suitable for real-time, in-situ measurements. These sensors will complete the circle of enabling technologies required for future radiation cancer therapies. Work is also continuing on long wavelength, fibre lasers suitable for laser surgery. These lasers have the potential to provide a compact, low cost, simple to use solution for precision beam delivery.

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The University of Sydney welcomes requests for collaboration from medical researchers, and is pleased to share its extensive experience in the design and development of photonic devices with researchers in such an important field.