Frequently asked questions

When does the executive education program start?

We are collaborating with industry and government, operating in the major project space, to develop our executive education offerings and plan to offer executive education in project leadership at two levels, for:
1. Current and aspiring project leaders (4, 2 week modules held over a year), and
2. Project sponsors and governance committees including business executives, chief financial officers, boards of directors (1-2 day programs).

The planned start date for the project leaders program is August 2014. Project sponsor programs are being developed for commencement in early 2014. More information in regards to costs and confirmed dates will be available in the coming months.

How can my organisation get involved?

We have met with many organisations in the past year to understand their challenges and requirements for improving project delivery in large-scale projects. We recently held a Thought Leadership roundtable dinner with business and government leaders to discuss the issues challenging major projects and to outline the objectives of the centre. Their feedback and support for the centres' offerings has been extremely positive.

Your organisation can become involved by offering Program Advisory Committee participation, guest speakers for executive education and thought leadership forums and mentors for these project leaders to continue their development. If you would like to be involved, please contact us.

Do you run customised programs for an organisation?

Our initial focus is on developing an open executive education program where a number of different organisations and sectors can come together, share ideas, experiences and lessons learned for mutual benefit. However we are open to design and delivery of customised courses for specific organisations and encourage interested parties to contact Centre management to discuss these opportunities further.

How much will it cost?

Details of our offerings and costs will be released in early 2014. To stay informed about our executive education programs, please fill out our contact form.

What are the minimum qualifications required to enter the program?

The emphasis is on industry experience and ensuring that participants have enough project management fundamentals to participate meaningfully into and benefit from our programs. We will work with sponsoring organisations, whose line managers, HR managers or management development teams, will identify project executives who would gain the most benefit from our project leadership program. Typically, participants will have completed a bachelor's degree, graduate diploma/certificate or equivalent at an institution approved by the University of Sydney at an acceptable standard, and possess approximately 10 years relevant professional experience. Self-financing participants will be encouraged to contact the centre directly.