Governing Board

The Governing Board oversees centre activities and has responsibility for its annual business plan (including budget, audit, financial management and reporting). It ensures compliance with University regulations and policies. The board also provides advice as needed on business development, IT infrastructure, infrastructure management, operating resource allocation and sustainability.

The Governing Board approves the Annual Statements presented by the Executive Director, after which the Annual Statement is submitted to the University (to Financial Services and the Senate Finance and Audit Committee) and the Serpentine Foundation. The Governing Board is authorised to obtain outside legal or other professional advice and to secure the attendance of external advisers with relevant experience and expertise if it considers this necessary, after consultation with the Chairman and the Executive Director.


  1. Provost (Chair)
  2. The Executive Director, John Grill Centre
  3. Deputy Director (Academic), John Grill Centre
  4. Dean, Business School
  5. Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

The Provost will be Chairman of the Governing Board with the following duties:

  1. Partner with the Deans and the Executive Director to achieve the goals of the Centre;
  2. Chair meetings to an agenda agreed with the Executive Director;
  3. Ensure that the Board effectively governs the Centre and that the Centre delivers on the business plan and maintains safe and compliant operations in conformance with University Policy.

Governing Board members will:

  1. Regularly attend meetings, devote adequate time to the business of the Centre and to participate in decision-making as required;
  2. Support the collaborative goal of driving the best results for the Centre;
  3. Be an advocate for the Centre and the participating faculties.

At any meeting of the Committee 2 members shall form a quorum.

The Governance Board meets monthly to discuss any matters related to the Centre.

Secretary to the Committee
Operations Director