Our governance structure

The centre consists of two boards:

The Advisory Board advises the centre on strategic issues and facilitates external engagement relating to the performance and sustainability of the centre. It performs this role by contributing to the strategic management of the centre and by drawing on members' experience in industry for the benefit of the centre. The board will support and further the centre's mission, executive education and linkages with industry and government relevant to the centre.

The Management Committee has responsibility for oversight of centre activities and to approve its annual business plan (including budget, audit, and financial management and annual reporting); and to ensure compliance with University of Sydney regulations and policies. The Management Committee will also provide advice as needed on academic plan, business development, IT infrastructure, infrastructure management, operating resource allocation and sustainability. The Chair (Provost) of the Management Committee will approve the Annual Report of the John Grill Centre presented by the Executive Director, after which the Annual Report will be submitted to the University and the Serpentine Foundation.