Our collaboration

Ours is a collaborative model. We work actively with industry and government to offer cutting-edge executive education, customised in-company programs, thought leadership and innovative research that will improve major project delivery.

This collaboration will span a range of industry and government sectors including infrastructure, energy, aviation, mining, telecommunications, defence, technology, banking and finance.

Our advisory board of experienced leaders from both industry and government help develop the centre’s mission of education and research, strengthening links with industry and government.


The centre have engaged with extensive range of organisations to understand their challenges and requirements for improving project delivery so we can train executives to fill this skills gap. Several themes emerged in our consultations, highlighting a need for experiential executive education focused on:

  • better oversight and governance of project plans and schedules to correct for optimism bias and narrow considerations of risk
  • collaborative engagement with internal and external stakeholders, including government, the workforce and the broader community
  • leadership practices that communicate strategy effectively and develop the specialist skills and capabilities of individual project team members.

Co-design and co-delivery

Co-design and co-delivery of the program with industry and government is central to its success. The centre is establishing a Program Advisory Committee comprising professionals experienced in major project leadership. It will draw on their expertise and networks to guide and support the development of the centre’s executive education programs.

The committee will initially comprise between seven and 10 members who:

  • have direct experience of leading and advising on major projects
  • collectively represent a diverse cross-section of industry and government sectors
  • are experts in evaluating the competencies and performance of senior project personnel and developing a project-related curriculum.

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