Governance programs


Will your technology project succeed and create value?

Many technology-enabled transformation projects fail to deliver business outcomes - the opportunity lost is too great in this competitive economic environment.

Organisations are investing heavily in technology projects to transform their processes and improve performance. Experience tells us that many of these projects will fail to deliver value because of poor project governance.

Effective governance requires the accountable executives to have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they make the right choices at critical points and create value for their organisation.

Join our one-day interactive program

Develop your capabilities to govern technology-enabled projects more effectively for your organisation. Hear insights from technology project experts and share experiences with industry peers in a motivated and confidential environment.

Who should attend
Executives accountable for project investment decisions, project governance or sponsorship.

Chief executive officers, head of government departments, executive-level project sponsors, chief financial officers, chief risk officers, chief technology officers, chief information officers, chief project officers, project steering committee members, heads of technology procurement and executives in charge of project management offices.

Learn from industry experts

Project objectives

  • Understand how to apply investment management approaches to ensure fit with strategy and risk appetite.
  • Understand why good governance is a prerequisite for benefits realisation through projects.
  • Identify how to effectively work with technology vendors and system integrators.
  • Explore essential capability requirements to support technology-enabled transformation projects.
  • Understand why projects fail and know how to recover them.
  • Examine cultural barriers to change and strategies for addressing these issues.


  • Know the key governance questions to ask project sponsors, project leaders and vendors and what to look for in their answers.
  • Implement effective governance structures and practices for technology-enabled transformation projects.
  • Recognise and address key sources of opportunity and risk in projects.


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