Australia's energy crisis is a failure of policy not competitive markets

Politicians are feverishly driving quick fixes for an ailing energy sector. But heavy-handed government interventions risk more roadkill, of an endangered species called market led microeconomic reform. Read the full article authored by Garry Bowditch.

Focus on the sweet spot for project success

The fate of a major project is usually assessed in terms of how it fared in achieving time, cost and scope parameters. The true value though is far more difficult to assess and should reflect how the owner reached its strategic aims, and whether the customers it services and the community it impacts experienced positive change from the project. Read the full article authored by Marc Vogts.

Project whisperers: Unlocking the ‘right’ project

Infrastructure will continue to be a focal point for the political and business arena through 2017. The nation’s enthusiasm for better infrastructure services is strong, but the ability to deliver against these expectations is hampered. Out-dated governance and short-term focus on inputs is preventing the nation from listening to those that matter. Read the full article authored by Garry Bowditch.

Strategic Alignment in Governance of Technology Transformations

Budget and time overruns on big resources and infrastructure projects often capture the headlines but in our interactions with senior business executives over the past three years it is often their technology-enabled business transformation program that cause them the most headaches. Read the full article authored by Suresh Cuganesan.

Super lessons for Infrastructure

Superannuation and infrastructure have a lot in common, and so they should as they represent two sides of the same coin.

Superannuation plays an important role in intermediating national savings for financing and funding infrastructure but the public policy settings that enable this to happen must be soundly based. Read the full article authored by Garry Bowditch.

Trump's Infrastructure: How two nations can prosper together

Australia and the US can work together to help make the Trump infrastructure agenda happen. So, Australia and the US have a lot in common for now. Read the full article co-authored by Gary Bowditch and Professor Edward Blakely, originally publish in the Australian Financial Review(subscription required).

Nation building comes back on the agenda as a way to revive the economy

Garry Bowditch warns of potential opposition to user-pays projects, such as road pricing per kilometre to fund major infrastructure projects.Read more insights from Garry Bowditch in Jacob Gerber’s AFR article - subscription required.

Infrastructure should be about consumers

Customer-led infrastructure places people and their needs at the centre of all decisions so big and small-dollar projects translate quickly into meaningful benefits. Read more insights from Garry Bowditch.

Uber the model for top customer service, says infrastructure think tank

The John Grill Centre's Better Infrastructure Initiative (BII) will release a policy paper on Thursday calling on governments to focus on "service outcomes" rather than "physical assets" when planning infrastructure. Read more in the Australian Financial Review - subscription required

Australian infrastructure needs customer service reforms: new report

"Australian policy makers need to shift their mindset to be more innovative and customer-focused when designing infrastructure and services to avoid the piecemeal approach of previous governments," Mr Bowditch said. Read more.

Land deal-funded $200b fast rail is 'potential trainwreck'

Garry Bowditch talks to the Australian Financial Review about the latest plan to build a fast rail system between Melbourne and Sydney, and why he thinks it fails the economics test because of high costs.
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Poor governance at the root of infrastructure problem

Garry Bowditch talks to the ABC about how Australia has doubled the amount it spends on infrastructure, but poor governance has made it hard for everyday Australians to notice the benefits.
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Record infrastructure spending, but where's the money gone?

Garry Bowditch, Executive Director of the Better Infrastructure Initiative at the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership, was interviewed on Radio National AM about infrastructure spending.
Listen here.

Will your technology project succeed?

Professor Suresh Cuganesan comments on how many technology projects fail to deliver business outcomes and how poor project governance has attributed to this.

We build the future now

Australia has spent half a trillion dollars on infrastructure in the past decade. Yet performance is not improving as fast as we are spending, and names like East-West Link or WestConnex are, for different reasons, bywords for controversy.

The problems are chiefly political. As Garry Bowditch of Sydney University points out, the frequent argument that infrastructure decisions should simply be depoliticised is not right.
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Infrastructure urgently needs a coherent national strategy

Garry Bowditch recently spoke to the Australian Financial Review about the need for a coherent national strategy for infrastructure in Australia.
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Contractors need to rethink Russian Roulette strategy as projects blow up

Marc Vogts speaks to the Australian Financial Review about whether companies should be pulling back from risky fixed price resources jobs.
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New partnership to make infrastructure more customer focused

The University of Sydney’s John Grill Centre for Project Leadership and the federal government’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will collaborate to help get infrastructure right through a new Leadership Partnership agreement over the next four years.
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Value capture no path to infrastructure utopia

"Exploiting land value capture to fund big transport projects appears to be back in fashion, but is it a panacea?" writes Garry Bowditch.
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A successful Infrastructure Australia should work its own demise

Infrastructure Australia (IA) is under new management, with a grand plan and reform agenda that at first blush seems sensible enough.

However, there are early signs of an identity crisis in IA as it wrestles with the need for more market efficiency in infrastructure and how it will evolve from its purpose of anointing projects through an administrative selection process that can produce 'hit or miss' result.

Infrastructure plan aims to modernise cities, ease congestion

The Federal Government has released a blueprint to modernise Australia's cities. The John Grill Centre's Garry Bowditch was interviewed on his thoughts on the new plan.Read more...

An infrastructure revolution to help investors and economic recovery(AFR, 15 Feb 16) Subscription required

Australia could save billions of dollars if it shifted infrastructure spending away from "building big things" to improving existing infrastructure networks.

New initiative to enhance Australia's infrastructure potential

A new research initiative based at the University of Sydney's John Grill Centre for Project Leadership aims to eliminate the 'hit-and-miss' nature of Australia’s major projects and help deliver infrastructure benefits sooner and to greater effect for customers and the community.

Detour needed to get to root cause of traffic woes

The federal government's willingness to debate the Harper Review recommendation to introduce cost-reflective road pricing is an opportunity to move a difficult issue forward; provided it recognises the root and extent of the problem its seeks to fix.
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New board appointments drive John Grill Centre’s vision forward

The University of Sydney is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Ken Henry AC and Bob Rollinson as new members of the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership’s advisory board.

These appointments support the Centre’s ambition to undertake targeted applied research to address the infrastructure, energy, business and technology transformation challenges facing Australia.
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New infrastructure head to lead Better Infrastructure Initiative at the centre

The University of Sydney is pleased to announce the appointment of Garry Bowditch as Executive Director of the new Better Infrastructure Initiative at the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership.

As head of this new infrastructure initiative, to be based in Sydney, Garry will bolster the University’s capacity to forge close and purposeful collaborations with industry and government, both nationally and abroad. He will work to create a world-class applied research and thought leadership program in infrastructure, and is set to take up this new position in mid-October. Read More

New open program for executives governing major capital investments

Marc Vogts, Chief Executive of the John Grill Centre of Project Leadership notes that “more the ever organisations are under intense pressure to deliver successful major projects and capital investments to ensure returns are realised”. Working with industry and government over the past year the importance of effective governance has been highlighted as key to meet the challenges of major projects and those projects in the pipeline. Read More

Creating the project leaders of the future

"The learnings gained by professionals completing the Executive Leadership in Major Projects program are being translated into immediate action, making positive changes to the major projects they are leading", said Marc Vogts, Executive Director of the John Grill Centre of Project Leadership at the University of Sydney.
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Centre welcomes first cohort to new executive project leadership program

The first cohort of project professionals from infrastructure, oil & gas, telecommunications, construction and banking & finance industries joined the ELMP program in August 2014.

The commencement of this program signals a new era in executive education and a landmark step for the John Grill Centre, established to enhance leadership capability and develop a new calibre of project leaders for the future. Read more

Why infrastructure costs more in Australia than France (AFR, 2 Aug 14) Subscription required

Charged with delivering long-term project pipelines, better leadership and communication with the private sector, simplifying tender processes, creating more flexible labour practices and making savvier purchasing decisions, governments should not underestimate the task ahead, Marc Vogts says. Read more

Governance required in major projects (AFR, 17 Jan 2014) Subscription required

Research by project management consultants Caravel undertaken in 2012-2013 has estimated cost overruns on projects average 40 per cent, with an estimated $30 billion in capital lost annually because projects are not completed on time or on budget. Marc Vogts, John Grill Centre speaks to the the need for governance and education on governance. Read more

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