Project leader cohort continue leadership transformation journey
Nick Greiner, Leigh Clifford

Stakeholder alignment, collaborative engagement, design thinking and strategic mindset were the focus of the second block of the Executive Leadership in Major Projects (ELMP) program at the John Grill Centre of Project Leadership this month.

Centre welcomes first cohort to new executive project leadership program
ELMP Cohort 1 2014

The first cohort of project professionals from infrastructure, oil & gas, telecommunications, construction and banking & finance industries joined the ELMP program in August 2014.

The commencement of this program signals a new era in executive education and a landmark step for the John Grill Centre, established to enhance leadership capability and develop a new calibre of project leaders for the future. Read more

Why infrastructure costs more in Australia than France (AFR, 2 Aug 14) Subscription required
Project picture AFR

Charged with delivering long-term project pipelines, better leadership and communication with the private sector, simplifying tender processes, creating more flexible labour practices and making savvier purchasing decisions, governments should not underestimate the task ahead, Marc Vogts says. Read more

Governance required in major projects (AFR, 17 Jan 2014) Subscription required
Marc Vogts

Research by project management consultants Caravel undertaken in 2012-2013 has estimated cost overruns on projects average 40 per cent, with an estimated $30 billion in capital lost annually because projects are not completed on time or on budget. Marc Vogts, John Grill Centre speaks to the the need for governance and education on governance. Read more

Centre will fill gaps in leadership - Santos (The Australian , 5 Oct 2013)

The human resources head of mining giant Santos says a new national centre for project leadership will help fill a deep skills gap in management candidates able to run major projects.

"Project leadership is a big gap; this country for the last few years has been riding on the back of mega projects, but we really didn't have the history around mega project leadership," Coventry says. "That centre is actually going to be critical for this country, but also be a nice feeder for some of the other countries in Asia." Read more

Leaders wanted as project management gets a promotion (BRW, 9 Oct 2013) Subscription required

Being in charge of a project needs more than technical competence; leaders must consider the broader strategic context Leo D’Angelo Fisher reports. Read more Subscription required

Industry leaders support centre – Inaugural Roundtable Dinner – 25 Sept 2013
Grill Centre

The John Grill Centre hosted its inaugural roundtable dinner on 25 September 2013. Guests included The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Leigh Clifford, Chair, Qantas and Bechtel, Ged Kearney, President, ACTU, Catherine Livingstone, Chair, Telstra, and John Mulcahy, Chair, Coffey International and Mirvac. View dinner photo gallery

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