Executive education course content

We have been developing our program in collaboration with industry and government. The core capabilities that project leaders will be equipped with are:

  • Leadership practice – employ self-aware, authentic and visionary leadership skills and practices tailored to the specific large-scale project context
  • Design thinking – harness creativity and innovation to design the right project that delivers strategic and stakeholder value
  • Strategic mindset – understand and lead projects within the broader context of organisational strategy, macro-environment and risk-return
  • Collaborative engagement – generate a shared vision and partnership approach that enables diverse stakeholders and teams to work together in creating successful projects.


We will focus on four ‘project practice domains’ allowing project leaders to gain skills in:

  • Value-creating planning – create large-scale project designs that maximise value and transparency to enable effective final investment decision and governance
  • Stakeholder alignment – engage in sustainable and successful negotiation strategies with external stakeholders such as governments, communities, environmental interests and the media
  • High performing teams – motivate, develop and integrate diverse teams to create a high-performance and cohesive project workplace
  • Execution agility – navigate complexity and change to realise project value and preserve mission in uncertain and dynamic contexts.