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Our alumni

Meet John Grill Centre alumni

Our alumni are project executives and industry leaders responsible for some of Australia’s most significant major projects.


Fiona Mahony
General Manager, Strategy and Solutions
Telstra Wholesale

Fiona Mahony

Fiona joined the first cohort of the Executive Leadership in Major Projects with participants from across Australia, Singapore and the United States.

We talked to Fiona directly to hear about her learning experiences and the impact of the ELMP program on her work practices

Inspired by the ELMP Fiona has undertaken further study at the University of Sydney. She recently completed a Global Executive MBA, which involved study in Bangalore, India, Silicon Valley, US, and Cambridge, UK.

Miles Vass
Deputy Director-General Infrastructure Management and Delivery
Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

Miles Vass completed the Executive Leadership in Major Projects program in 2016 and has since taken on the role of Deputy Director-General Infrastructure Management and Delivery with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland.

Previously, Miles was General Manager for Program Delivery and Operations. Miles was responsible for delivering Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) capital funded projects, reconstruction projects, maintenance and preservation projects, and infrastructure works and services across the state.

During his 33 years with TMR, Miles has achieved a track record in forecasting improved and sustainable business practices that are focused on timely delivery and value for money transport systems (infrastructure) outcomes. Miles recently oversaw the State Government’s reconstruction program of Queensland’s transport infrastructure following the unprecedented natural disaster events of over the past 5 years. The reconstruction program – the largest of its kind in Queensland’s history – began in February 2011 and involved reconstructing an unprecedented 8,741km of state roads across the state, and more than 1,700 structures, including bridges and culverts. The 4-year program delivered more than $6.4 billion in reconstruction works statewide, achieved savings of over $400 million and finished 6 months ahead of schedule.


Amanda Castro

Amanda Castro
Project Director
Dow Chemical

"There is no other program that links leadership and major projects like the ELMP. It allows you to work through project issues with peers and leaders to come to solutions for your own projects."

What was the highlight of the program for you?
"The major highlight for me has been the strategic week, discussing how important the shaping opportunities phase is of projects, showing how we can make or break a project."

How did you find the coaching element of the program?
"My coach has very extensive oil and gas experience, we have developed my development plan and it has been a huge value to me."

Tarun Shewaram

Tarun Shewaram
Program Director
Westpac Group

"The program offers a combination of expert instructions, coaching, case studies and, importantly, shared learning with and from the peer group."

How did you find the coaching element of the program?
"The coaching element of the program has helped me understand myself better therefore helping me become a more effective and better leader and drive better project outcomes."

What have the outcomes of this program been for you?
"As I strive to move beyond delivering projects and to executive levels myself this program has allowed me to understand executive level thought processes and deliver projects better to ultimately get those executive level roles."