The centre leverages the University of Sydney's internationally renowned educational expertise to deliver an open and customised executive education program designed to assist current and aspiring project leaders and business executives of large-scale projects.

Courses are being co-designed with industry and will feature co-delivery by experienced project leaders, leading business executives and internationally renowned academics.

Key design principles of the program are flexibility (short courses, delivered in several locations), relevance (real problems, simulations, site visits) and experiential learning (practical application and an emphasis on doing).

The core capabilities that project leaders will be equipped with are leadership practice, strategic mindset, design thinking and collaborative engagement, with four ‘project practice domains’ for project leaders to explore, including value creating planning, execution agility, high performing teams, and stakeholder alignment.

We strive to develop visionary leaders: equipped with intellectual agility, a global perspective and enhanced practices to lead projects to the next level of success.

The John Grill Centre executive education program will build on the MBA, Global Executive MBA, Masters in Project Management and Masters in Project Leadership programs currently offered through the University.

We aim to launch our initial executive education offerings in mid 2014. We are consulting with industry-leading organisations and experts to shape and refine these offerings. We also plan to develop customised programs to address the particular project leadership challenges your organisation is facing.