Undergraduate training programs

Undergraduates can about structuring their degree to specialise in polymers and/or colloids. A student at the University of Sydney can create a flexible program of study specialising in polymer and /or colloids by including the following units of study:

Year 1
Chemistry 1, Maths 1, + 24 credit points from Physics, Computer Science, Biology and Agricultural Science

Year 2
Chemistry 2 plus 32 credit points from Mathematics, Biochemistry, Engineering Science, Soil Science, Microbiology, Agricultural Chemistry, Pharmacology and Statistics.

Year 3
Chemistry 3A, Chemistry 3B, Food Chemistry & Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biochemistry of Ecosystems.

Year 4
Honours in Chemistry, Agricultural Science or Chemical Engineering.

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Discovery is a web-based tool aimed at introducing the concept of polymers and colloids to high school students.