What is the Kinship Module project?

Lynette teaching

Lynette teaching a class

The Kinship Module project is a pilot online education program that promotes Aboriginal cultural education at a university level.

By undertaking the module you will gain a greater understanding of and insight into:

  • experience of Aboriginal Kinship systems and how they operate
  • Aboriginal social structures and how these differ from Western societies
  • how cultural assessment assists in understanding these impacts
  • potential conflict in working with people from differing cultural backgrounds
  • how cultural difference impacts upon Aboriginal people in the social systems which operate in Australia, such as: through education, criminal justice systems and the legal system more broadly.

A useful tool to support the online module is the suite of narratives from Aboriginal people. These narratives explore cultural and service issues that are relevant to student, teachers and others who work to support Aboriginal communities.

The narratives also provide additional and more in-depth information on cultural identity, the impacts of cross-cultural differences, and issues of importance for Aboriginal people when working in a number of service areas, such as education, social welfare, law and health.

Who will find the Kinship Module useful?

Participants in the class

Participants in the class

  • educators
  • legal practitioners in criminal law, family law, care and protection
  • government personnel who interact with Aboriginal Australians (especially DOCS, Juvenile Justice and Corrective Services)
  • organisations who work with or for Aboriginal people
  • the Magistracy and Judiciary
  • police
  • students
  • anyone who wants to know more about Aboriginal Australians

How do I participate?

The Kinship online learning module is a condensed version of the 1.5-hour workshop developed and delivered by Lynette Riley.

There are eight videos which explore the core themes of the Kinship module. The Aboriginal narratives are available to expand on issues raised in each sector within the module.

Additionally, there is a series of questions and related resources to assist people who wish to learn more about Aboriginal kinship systems, cultural conflict and cultural competency.