How this project started

Lynette teaching

Lynette teaching

The Kinship Module project has been undertaken through an Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) grant to develop Indigenous Online Cultural Teaching.

The project is providing online cross-cultural education based on an existing workshop. The process of constructing the material involves developing a teaching framework for cultural awareness education at the university level.

The project concerns the practical creation of multiple knowledges and approaches. The aim is to take Aboriginal cultural practice and use the teaching within those practices in Western systems for non-Indigenous people, who are working in social systems that impact on Aboriginal people.

The intention of the project is to develop online learning tools while also ensuring the incorporation of Aboriginal community, elders, students and staff narratives for cross-cultural education.

The teaching framework takes into account Aboriginal knowledge both in methods and content, so that learning will be a process that builds on Indigenous cultures and identity. To achieve this, the project is based on a partnership between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal academics and the Aboriginal community, who work together respectfully and productively to embed Aboriginal knowledges and cultural practices into university teaching.

This has been achieved by conducting research with Aboriginal people, enabling them to share their stories and cultural knowledge.

The online module also provides a place for educators, students, professionals and community support workers to access Aboriginal knowledge relevant to different disciplines. The project has the dual purpose of using narratives collected from Aboriginal people to embed mutual benefit to both decolonising mainstream curriculum and being a site of empowerment in which Aboriginal people are able to voice their thoughts and experiences in meaningful ways and participate in the process of knowledge.

This project will bring Aboriginal knowledge sharing processes into the teaching of humanities and social-science-related subjects such as sociology, law, education and social work. To achieve this, the Kinship Module project adopted what’s referred to as a ‘cultural praxis’ in that the project design and delivery utilises complementary Aboriginal, social constructionism and critical methodologies.

This project enables educators to teach in a way that respects and allows Aboriginal voices to be highlighted. The inclusion of Aboriginal peoples’ first-hand accounts of their knowledges, issues, concerns and experiences into curricula enables the provision of a richer and deeper understanding of the issues that are presented to learners in studying Aboriginal content.

The teaching and learning framework has been developed through engagement with Aboriginal community members, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal University teaching staff and Aboriginal students, while collecting their stories for incorporation into different stages of the online teaching tool.