Aboriginal Community Narratives

A key component to the Kinship online learning module is the collection of Aboriginal Community Narratives. This has been done to provide a direct link to Aboriginal stories and voices particularly in relation to understanding the impact of cultural conflict and cultural understandings held by Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Community Narratives are presented as individual interviews and as 'Conversations between Aunties and Uncles' where we have a small group of people discussing issues of concern for them. The discussions in both types of interviews range over historical events in people’s lives, educational, health, social, legal and cultural issues.

Interviews were conducted by Diane Riley-McNaboe, Connie Ah-See and Lynette Riley.

Beth Wright

Beth Wright is a Gamilaroi person – far western NSW. She grew up in Walgett and Warren and has Kinship connections to Angeldool.

Connie Ah-See

Connie Ah-See is from the Wiradjuri Nation – western NSW. She is one of the Wellington/Peak Hill Mob.

Peter Gibbs

Peter Gibbs is a Gamilaroi person, with Kinship ties in far western NSW, growing up in Weilmoringle and Dubbo.

Lyndon Lane

Lyndon Lane is a Gamilaroi person from Goodooga, far western NSW, who has lived in Wiradjuri Country since 2003.

Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson is a Wiradjuri person from Wellington, western NSW.

Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon is a Wiradjuri person – western NSW, who grew up at Brewarrina with Kinship connections to Angeldool – far western NSW.

Rev Gloria Shipp

Rev Gloria Shipp is a Gamilaroi person, who married a Wiradjuri man and had lived in Dubbo for over 26 years.

Rod Towney

Rod Towney is a Wiradjuri person, born in Wellington at Nanima Reserve – western NSW. Rod grew up in Gilgandra and Peak Hill.

Lewis Burns

Lewis Burns is a Wiradjuri person, from the Tubbo-ga Clan, who grew up in and around the Dubbo western region, NSW.

Malcholm Burns

Malcholm Burns is a Wiradjuri person, from the Tubbo-ga Clan, who grew up in and around the Dubbo western region, NSW.

Glenn Blakey

Glenn Blakey has Kinship connections originally from the south coast NSW – Batesman Bay and Wollongong; and now lives in Bathurst on Wiradjuri Country.

Gloria Whalan

Aunt Gloria Whalan is from the Wiradjuri Nation and is currently living now in Victoria.

Chris Heckenberg

Chris Heckenberg is a descendant from the Eora Nation, Gadigal Clan, Sydney region and is living in southern Wiradjuri Country.

MaryAnne Seymour

MaryAnne Seymour's Kinship connections are originally from the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. She was born in Queensland and is a Turtle Clan person.

Michael James

Michael James is a Wiradjuri person from Parkes, western NSW.

Jacqueline Heterick

Aunt Jacqueline Heterick is a Wiradjuri person, she was born in Trangie, far western NSW and has lived in Narromine, western NSW, for over 30 years.

Jennifer Bates

Jennifer Bates is a Barkenji person from Wilcannia far western NSW.

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan is a Gumbangeri person from the North Coast NSW – Eungai and Macksville. He lives in Dubbo as his wife is Wiradjuri.

Patricia Powell

Aunt Patricia Powell is a Gamilaroi person, originally from Gulargambone, wester NSW, and has been living in Wiradjuri Country, Dubbo for the last 50 years.

Rayleen Summers

Rayleen Summers is a Mootawarra Person from Weilmoringle, Goodooga, Brewarrina and Bourke, in far western NSW.

Rita Merritt

Aunt Rita Merritt is a Gamilaroi person, born on Wiradjuri Country – Dubbo, with extensive time spent in far western NSW, such as Warren as a child and young person.

Susan Mitchell

Susan Mitchell is a Wiradjuri person, from the Tubbo-ga Clan, who grew up in and around the Dubbo western region, NSW.

Una Lake

Aunt Una Lake is a Gamilaroi person from Coonabarabran, western NSW. She married a Wiradjuri man, Billy Lake from Dubbo and she has lived in the area for over 60 years.

Conversations: Aunties & Uncles

Aunties and Uncles discuss issues such as family and cultural connections, and education and working careers.