Sector 4: Totems

In this sector, you will explore Totems and how Totems create connections within groups. You will come to understand reciprocal responsibilities within these Totem Groups.

Further learning

Questions which may arise through Kinship presentation

  • Understanding reciprocal responsibilities and value of individual skills within team/group?
  • Look at your home community and the place of the Aboriginal community and what is their role in that community?
  • When have you have worked in a team? What were the problems and how might a Totem system improve your team work?
  • How did Aboriginal people learn their roles & responsibilities?

Community narrative themes and connection to Kinship issues

  • Discussion of Aboriginal Totem system and why it is important?
  • Example of how historical policies and practices in Aboriginal community have broken these connections and what it means for Aboriginal communities.
  • Lack of acknowledgement of Aboriginal peoples skills in mainstream Australia.

Additional resources