Sector 5: Skin Names

In this sector you will learn about the purpose and range of Skin Names, and the interactive nature of relationships between Kinship systems. You will also discover the various responsibilities within the Kinship systems.

Further learning

Questions which may arise through Kinship presentation

  • What are you responsibilities in your community and family? How did you learn these? How could you learn how to work with Aboriginal people in your profession?
  • How do Aboriginal people relate to their extended parents and grandparents?
  • Consider how Skin Names help link families. Why and how would this be important?
  • Marriage requirements to monitor Bloodlines – why is this important?

Community narrative themes and connection to Kinship issues

  • Skin Name and what it means to Aboriginal people.
  • Examples of women’s and men’s roles. Example of relations with extended family members.
  • Loss of family under ‘Protection Policies’ and what this meant for Aboriginal people.

Additional resources