Koori Centre Lectures

  • No lectures are planned for 2010

The Koori Centre at The University of Sydney, is very pleased to announce the dates for the ‘Koori Centre Lectures’ that will be held over the year at the Koori Centre, Old Teachers College (A22). The Koori Centre Lectures will cover a variety of Australian Indigenous issues and we hope they will prove to be a valuable resource to all staff and students of the University.

We would like to invite members of staff or associated staff from Faculties across the University whose work involves Australian Indigenous issues, to present a paper on Indigenous research or specialist viewpoints at one of these open lectures. The dates available are listed below.

Friday 11th April, 2008

"Towards a model for training Indigenous languages educators in Australia"

  • Mr John Hobson, Koori Centre, University of Sydney

Indigenous Australian languages are in a state of ongoing and severe crisis. The rate of language loss continues largely unabated and draws negative attention to the country internationally. While recent educational initiatives such as the implementation of the NSW Aboriginal languages K-10 syllabus and the establishment of the Koori Centre's graduate programs in Indigenous languages education have been important steps in attempting to reverse the trend, there currently remains no program of initial teacher training in the field available anywhere in the country. This lecture examines some of the issues that have impeded the development of such a qualification and proposes a model by which it might yet be achieved drawing on ideas gained from a study tour of south-western Canada, USA and New Zealand and utilising some resources and strategies from closer to home.

Friday 11th April, 2008
1.00pm - 2pm, Teachers College Lecture Room 448

Friday 29th August, 2008

"Unfinished Business": Accounting and the 'enslavement' of Aboriginal children"

  • Dr. Susan Greer, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney

Several inquiries initiated by various Australian governments have documented the importance of policies and programs for the forcible removal of Aboriginal children from their families into forced indenture under government-negotiated contracts. The most recent of these studies completed in 2006 by the Australian Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs reveals the connectedness between these policies and accounting technologies. This study examines the roles played by accounting in the constitution and implementation of such programs. The analysis highlights not only how accounting facilitated the problematisation of Aboriginal children as a site for government, but also how accounting technologies enabled the constitution and translation of the indenture programs into practice.

This study provides an historical context in which to comprehend both contemporary Indigenous experiences and the role of accounting in the subordination of Indigenous peoples. The analysis reveals how the reliance on accounting techniques, and the prioritisation of accountability relations with the State in the name of good governance helped mask the extent of the inequities and the racial (and economic) discrimination against the Aboriginal population.

Friday 29th August, 2008
1.00pm - 2pm, Teachers College Lecture Room 448

Information for Presenters

The Koori Centre Lectures will require presenters to provide a 40-minute lecture with time for questions; and a written paper based on the presentation, which will be posted onto the Koori Centre website and linked to your own research page.

  • Future Lecture Submission Form - pdf | word

After the lecture there will be an opportunity for people to talk over a cup of coffee or tea, in the Koori Centre, Common Room (OTC, A22).

Contact Details:

To nominate to present a lecture:
Noeleen Smith
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Lyn Riley
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