Research Archive

  • Audit of Aboriginal Studies. Perspectives and Related issues in the professional activities of the Faculty of Education and Social Work in Association with the Koori Centre.
    Cleverley, J 2004
    Funded by the Koori Centre and the Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney.
  • Black and White Science: Encouraging Indigenous Students into University Science
    McLisky, C and Day, D.G. 2004
    Funded by the Koori Centre and the College of Sciences and Technology
    University of Sydney
  • Books in Homes
    Galleguillos, S
    Funded by Department of Education Science and Technology, Canberra
  • Aboriginal Night Patrol
    Support and evaluation for the Attorney General’s Department and the Ngarra Project
    Lui-Chivizhe, L, Koori Centre and Centre for Peace and Conflict.
    Funded by the Department of the Attorney General NSW.
  • An investigation into issues and strategies designed to improve cervical and breast screening services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in selected communities in NSW.
    Mooney, J et al Koori Centre, University of Sydney and NSW Cervical and Breast Screening, Westmead Hospital