The Koori Centre provides and promotes high quality, culturally appropriate and effective research activities and outcomes.

Fostering formal and informal relationships with Indigenous Australian groups, community and professional bodies is an important part of ensuring that research projects undertaken with the Koori Centre have the potential to directly or indirectly meet community needs, pertaining to the broader aim of addressing social justice and human rights issues.

The Koori Centre is keen to develop research partnerships with organisations and industry and to expand its networks with Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics both locally and internationally.

Staff Research and Consulting Interests

Teaching and Education

  • Indigenous teacher education
  • Aboriginal studies courses in the primary and secondary school
  • Teaching Aboriginal Studies in Australian schools
  • Adult education in Indigenous Australian studies
  • Indigenous Australian mature age students
  • Researching the use of learning journals
  • The Indigenous Australian postgraduate student
  • Curriculum research and development for the primary school
  • Teaching Indigenous Australian perspectives
  • Social justice education
  • Indigenous Australian knowledge’s in university curricula
  • Pedagogical issues in Indigenous Australian higher education
  • First year Indigenous Australian student academic experience


  • Literacy programs and research methodologies
  • Internet participation and literacy
  • Computer strategies for teaching and learning for Indigenous Australian students in tertiary education

Culture, Literature and History

  • Migration and Identity
  • Reconciliation processes and outcomes
  • Indigenous Australian entrepreneurship
  • Identity studies
  • Indigenous Australian students and western science
  • Indigenous Australian perspectives in natural resources management
  • First Contact Narratives
  • Indigenous Australian self-determination connected to financial independence
  • Ethnographic study of the Eora and Guring-gah peoples of the Sydney basin
  • Indigenous Australian political and social study
  • Racism in Australia
  • Indigenous aesthetics and poetics
  • Post-colonial and cross-cultural studies in Indigenous cultures and literatures, subjectivities, ethics and ecologies


  • Indigenous Australian languages and culture