Katrina Thorpe - Lecturer

BEd UWS MEd (Human Resource Management) Sydney GradCertEdStud (Higher Education) Sydney ProfCert (Indigenous Research) Melb

Katrina Thorpe is a descendant of the Worimi people of Port Stephens, New South Wales. She was appointed to the Koori Centre in 1996 and for a short period (1999-2002), was a Lecturer at the Aboriginal Research and Resource Centre at the University of New South Wales. Katrina has taught Indigenous Studies across a number of Faculties including Education and Social Work, Arts and Social Sciences, and Nursing.

Prior to her employment at University, Katrina was a secondary education teacher and also a staff trainer for the Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEET). During her time at DEET, Katrina delivered cross-cultural awareness training to staff within the Hunter Region of NSW, co-ordinated the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and Career Development Plan and facilitated a mentor network for Indigenous staff within the Region.

Katrina has a long-standing interest and commitment to the scholarship of teaching and learning in Indigenous Studies and Aboriginal education. Her other interests include anti-racism and social justice education, quality teaching, planning and evaluation. She has presented at numerous conferences and international symposia, particularly on the discipline of Indigenous studies in tertiary education.

Katrina’s current research is focused in the areas of Indigenous Studies in preservice teacher education, Aboriginal education in schools, engaging Indigenous students in education using Information and Communication Technologies and Indigenous health and community development.

Katrina is currently undertaking a PhD titled, The influence of tertiary Indigenous Australian Studies on teachers’ professional identity formation under the supervision of Professor Robyn Ewing and Associate Supervisor Professor Deb Hayes at the University of Sydney.


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