Government departments, private industry and business offer cadetships and traineeships with varying benefits such as: paying HECS fees, providing text book allowances, full paid work during semester breaks, reduced rates of pay during study, on-the-job training and opportunities for further study after graduation. Some employers require you to work for a specified period once you have completed your study, others do not.

Below is a very small sample of where you might find a cadetship or traineeship program:

Note: When looking for a cadetship or traineeship with a government department, it is worthwhile looking at the individual department websites to see what opportunities may be available – don’t make your choices based solely on the name of the department. For example:

Indigenous Cadetships at Sydney University

An Indigenous cadetship is your pathway to a bright future and a rewarding career. It offers the support of a professional and social network and on-the-job training that will open doors for you once you have completed your studies.

You’ll be trained and mentored by leaders in your chosen field, preparing you for a great career after graduation. Not only will you gain valuable experience within Australia’s most prestigious university – you’ll get paid as you learn.

For more information please visit

University of Sydney Careers Centre

The University's Career Centre may also have information on Cadetships and Traineeship programs for Indigenous Australian students. The Career Centre also assists student with putting their Curriculum Vitae or Resumé together. Please visit their website: