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Gamblers and Gentlefolk: Money, Law and Status in Trollope's England

30 March 2017
Professor Nicola Lacey, London School of Economics
Distinguished Speaker Lecture
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  • Opinion: Is breaking the law ever justifiable?

    Illegal legal paper

    In the wake of union boss Sally McManus' comments that it's okay to break "unjust" laws, Dr Kevin Walton from the Sydney Law School explores what duty to the law Australians really have.

  • Vis Moot Team Does Us Proud

    Vis Moot Team does us proud

    Congratulations to our Vis Moot Team, victors in the Australian Chartered Institute of Arbitrators National Vis "Pre-Moot" in Melbourne.

  • International Investment Arbitration Across Asia

    International Investment Arbitration Across Asia

    Prominent international investment law experts from Southeast Asia, North Asia, India and Oceania gathered together for a special symposium at Sydney Law School recently.



    • International Law and Revolution: Concepts, Categories and History

      28 March
      Dr Vidya Kumar, University of Oxford. Dr Kumar will explore the nature of the "fit" between the concepts of revolution and revolutionaries and traditional international legal categories and thought. She will also explore the role history plays in configuring the relationship between international law and revolution, and will delineate the ways the concept of "revolution" poses problems both for the discipline of legal theory and international law.

    • Distinguished Speaker Lecture: Gamblers and Gentlefolk: Money, Law and Status in Trollope's England

      30 March
      Professor Nicola Lacey, London School of Economics. In this lecture, Professor Lacey will examine the wide range of conceptions of money and its legal and social significance in the novels of Anthony Trollope - a writer whose nostalgia for the world of land sits alongside an increasingly sharp critique of the power of money - considering what his novels can tell us about the rapidly changing economic, political and social world of mid Victorian England.

    • Equitable Compensation for Breach of Confidence

      30 March
      The recognition of purely equitable obligations of confidentiality, and of an equitable remedy of compensation, are two notable developments in the law during the past 75 years. Both are established developments in Australia. Indeed, they are so well established that an equitable compensation for breach of confidence might may be thought an established remedy. In fact, the remedy is obscure in Australian law. It is even more obscure in England and Wales, Canada and Australia. What principles might govern its application? Why are those principles obscure? This talk will address both of those questions."