The Faculty is strongly committed to the field of law and international development through research projects, postgraduate programs and participation in aid-funded research and executive training programs, such as the Australia Awards.

Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government. Australia Awards not only develop skills and knowledge but also build enduring people-to-people links between Australia, our regional neighbours and the broader international community.

Australia Awards Fellowships provide opportunities for short term study, research and professional development activities, hosted by Australian organisations. Fellowships target senior officials and mid-career professionals who are in a position to advance key development policies, and enable Australian organisations to contribute to development, through the sharing of Australian expertise and best practice.

The Faculty has held a significant number of Australia Awards over the last six years. Further information about current and recent projects can be found below:

Cambodia: Capacity Building in Commercial Law for Cambodian Legal and Judicial Practitioners

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced its intention to establish a Commercial Court in Cambodia to enhance the quality and effectiveness of judicial services in the commercial field. Part of this strategy includes the establishment of a commercial chamber within each court of first instance, with jurisdiction to resolve commercial disputes. However, commercial matters have not yet been appropriately integrated into the curriculum of the Royal Academy for Judicial Professions which was established in 2005 to provide the training of legal and judicial practitioners.

Under this 6 week Australia Awards Fellowship, funded by the Australian Government through AusAID, the Sydney Law School is providing specialised training to 15 Cambodian judges and prosecutors chosen by the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions who will be involved in commercial law matters in Cambodia. The training will include aspects of contract law and private law in international commerce, commercial finance law, investment law and commercial arbitration, and international business law and cross-border litigation. Part of the Fellowship is also designed to train the participants to be able to train others in the subject matter. The course will be conducted by leading Australian academics and will also include interaction with relevant institutions such as the Federal Court of Australia and the Judicial Commission of NSW.

Myanmar: Improving Capacity in International Tax

As Myanmar experiences unprecedented economic and social change as a result of economic liberalisation and democratic reform, the country is seeing a significant increase in the level of foreign investment across all sectors, particularly in the area of natural resources. Increased tax revenues resulting from such foreign investment are essential in bringing about a lift in living standards. The Fellowship is designed to contribute to economic growth in Myanmar by improving the capacity of the Internal Revenue Department to protect Myanmar’s tax base from international tax minimisation practices.

The Australia Awards Fellowship, funded by the Australian Government through AusAID, will promote a clear understanding of how multinational enterprises structure their global operations and the drivers in those structures, and provide exposure to global best practice in international tax enforcement and tax treaty negotiation. Training covering principles in international taxation, tax treaties, transfer pricing, tax planning and tax enforcement will be conducted by leading Australian academics as well as public and private experts in the area of international tax.

This will be one of the first international tax programs that Myanmar tax officials have undertaken outside of Myanmar and will make an important contribution to capacity building in the tax administration.


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