ACCEL Distinguished Speaker Lecture: A Stronger, Resilient Sydney - 11 October 2017

Beck Dawson is the Chief Resilience Officer for metropolitan Sydney, hosted by the City of Sydney Council as part of the 100 Resilient Cities Network. Described as the person 'paid to worry for Sydney', Beck leads the development and implementation of the Resilient Sydney Strategy, working with governments, business and the community to identify local responses to global and city risks and challenges. As a property sustainability expert, Beck's background is in long-term planning and investment in the natural and urban built environments. She previously worked in cultural institutions and the Australian property sector and contributed to working groups across resilience, responsible investment and sustainability. Beck holds a Masters in Sustainable Architecture, a Graduate Diploma in Scientific Communication and a Bachelor of Science.

The Trump Administration and the Future of US Environmental Law

Professor Robert L Glicksman from George Washington University Law School presented on this topic as part of Sydney Ideas on Tuesday, 4 April 2017 at the Sydney Law School. This event was co-presented with the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law, Sydney Law School, the University of Sydney.
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2017 ACCEL Presents 'A Year in Review'

ACCEL held its inaugural 'Year in Review' on 24 February 2017. A number of prominent speakers provided their insights and updates on key developments in 2016 in areas of Biodiversity; Coastal Management; Natural Resources; and Mining, among others. Summary of the program

ACCEL Year in Review 2017

Session 1: Climate Change and Mining

Prof. Rosemary Lyster

 Professor Rosemary Lyster,

Sydney Law School, University of Sydney


  • Craig Leggett SC, Martin Place Chambers. Adani Litigation (Native Title Processes).


Session 2: Natural Resources

Rana Koroglu

Rana Koroglu,

Senior Solicitor, NSW Environmental Defender's Office





Session 3: Planning for Sydney and Environmental Institutions

Brendon Batement


Brendon Bateman,

Partner, Clayton Utz

Session 4: Coastal Management

Bruce Thom


Emeritus Professor Bruce Thom

The University of Sydney

  • Bruce Thom, Emeritus Professor, The University of Sydney. Coastal Management Reforms 2016

  •  Tayanah O'Donnell, Research Fellow, University of Canberra. Coastal Management Reforms 2016

Session 5: Biodiversity

Rosemary Lyster and Rachel Walmsley


Prof. Rosemary Lyster, Sydney Law School &

Rachel Walmsley, Policy and Law Reform Director, NSW Environmental Defender's Office

ACCEL Year in Review 2017 - Image Gallery
Assoc. Prof. Ed Couzens
Craig Leggett SC
Brendon Dobbie
Tayanah O'Donnell, Canberra University
Ashley Stafford
Danny Noonan
ACCEL Year in Review 2017