2017 ACCEL Presents 'A Year in Review'

ACCEL held its inaugural 'Year in Review' on 24 February 2017. A number of prominent speakers provided their insights and updates on key developments in 2016 in areas of Biodiversity; Coastal Management; Natural Resources; and Mining, among others. Summary of the program

ACCEL Year in Review 2017

Session 1: Climate Change and Mining

Prof. Rosemary Lyster

 Professor Rosemary Lyster,

Sydney Law School, University of Sydney


  • Craig Leggett SC, Martin Place Chambers. Adani Litigation (Native Title Processes).


Session 2: Natural Resources

Rana Koroglu

Rana Koroglu,

Senior Solicitor, NSW Environmental Defender's Office





Session 3: Planning for Sydney and Environmental Institutions

Brendon Batement


Brendon Bateman,

Partner, Clayton Utz

Session 4: Coastal Management

Bruce Thom


Emeritus Professor Bruce Thom

The University of Sydney

  • Bruce Thom, Emeritus Professor, The University of Sydney. Coastal Management Reforms 2016

  •  Tayanah O'Donnell, Research Fellow, University of Canberra. Coastal Management Reforms 2016

Session 5: Biodiversity

Rosemary Lyster and Rachel Walmsley


Prof. Rosemary Lyster, Sydney Law School &

Rachel Walmsley, Policy and Law Reform Director, NSW Environmental Defender's Office

ACCEL Year in Review 2017 - Image Gallery
Assoc. Prof. Ed Couzens
Craig Leggett SC
Brendon Dobbie
Tayanah O'Donnell, Canberra University
Ashley Stafford
Danny Noonan
ACCEL Year in Review 2017