Environmental Law Programs

Sydney Law School, University of Sydney offer the following courses in Environmental Law:

Offshore Postgraduate Units of Study

The Sydney Law School in Europe Program offers a unique opportunity for students to undertake a fully credited Sydney Law School elective unit of study in Cambridge during the mid-year break. Following a very successful unit; New Technologies, Risk and Environmental Law in 2013, the unit LAWS6320 Climate Disaster Law was offered to eligible Postgraduate and final year Juris Doctor students in 2014.


Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon | Brochure - 20-23 July 2015

Under the Sydney Law School in Europe program, this Semester 2 Intensive will be held at Christ's College, Cambridge.

The objectives of this unit are to assess, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the provisions in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+). REDD+ acknowledges the substantial contribution that tropical rainforest countries can make to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Yet, a number of important issues arise regarding forestry governance, land tenure, the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and access to information, rights of public participation and adequate legal remedies to protect their rights.

This unit investigates whether these issues are addressed in a meaningful way under the UNFCCC and also in select domestic jurisdictions.

The unit will include an analysis of the essential domestic institutions which need to exist before a REDD+ program can be effectively implemented.

It will also address the strengths and weaknesses of the proposals that REDD+ programs should either be publicly funded by developed countries and donors or by the generation of REDD+ carbon credits to be traded in an international emissions trading market. Finally, the enforcement of the REDD+ provisions at International Law is considered.


LAWS6320 Climate Disaster Law pdf

 Cohort for CDL Europe 2014

In July 2014, Professor Rosemary Lyster offered the world's first postgraduate Climate Disaster Law unit of study. The unit was taught at Clare College, University of Cambridge under the auspices of the Sydney Law School in Europe program.

This is the first unit of study to focus squarely on extreme weather events and disasters, especially those influenced by climate change.

For more information about this unit, please refer to the ACCEL Newsletter, Issue 5, November 2014.



LAWS6864 - New Technologies, Risk and Environmental Law pdf

2013 Cohort for New Technologies, Risk and Environmental law  

The Sydney Law School in Europe Program offered a unique opportunity for students to undertake a fully-credited Sydney Law School comparative unit of study in the centre of Amsterdam at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, during the mid-year break. 'New Technologies, Risk and Environmental Law' was offered on an intensive basis over four days in July. Students were taught by Professor Han Somsen, Vice Dean of Tilburg School of Law and Professor Rosemary Lyster, Sydney Law School.


Comparative Climate Law : In July 2012 'Comparative Climate Law' was taught under the auspices of Sydney Law School’s LLM in Europe program. It was co-taught by Professor Rosemary Lyster and Dr Leonardo Massai at the Monash Centre in Prato, Italy.

 CCL 2012 Cohort at the Monash Centre  CCL 2012 Cohort with Dr Leonardo Massai

Sustainable Development Law in China: In July 2012 ‘Sustainable Development Law in China' was conducted by Emeritus Professor Ben Boer and Dr Stefan Gruber in collaboration with the Research Institute of Environmental Law of Wuhan University in Hubei Province.

 Wuhan University  SDL 2012 Cohort