Study Environmental Law

The University of Sydney Law School is the leading centre for environmental law teaching and research in Australia. Sydney Law School members have outstanding international and domestic reputations, as well as strong connections with eminent scholars at international institutions. The program also has enduring links with leading members of the legal profession, including the judiciary, who contribute to the teaching and seminar programs.

The Environmental Law program prepares graduates for professional work in various fields of environmental practice, governance, consulting and management by equipping them with skills and knowledge to negotiate the legal and policy issues affecting environmental regulation and protection. Students wishing to specialise in environmental law can select from a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge units of study in the areas of:

  • climate change
  • energy
  • water
  • natural resources
  • pollution control
  • urban planning
  • environmental litigation
  • international environmental law
  • biodiversity and heritage protection
  • international wildlife law
  • marine and coastal law
  • regulation of new technologies
  • human rights and the environment
  • Asia Pacific environmental law
  • comparative environmental law

The program also provides candidates with opportunities to meet and learn from others involved in environment-related disciplines, including law. It is characterised by a wide range of options and flexible learning arrangements, such as intensive units taught over a period of four to five days and the opportunity to take units from other related disciplines. The program has a strong international and comparative focus, with a specialist focus on climate change. Students have ample opportunity to produce scholarly work, and cover the past years over twenty student papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals.