Hamish Bevan

BA (Hons) 1998, LLB (Hons) 2002

Hamish Bevan is a barrister at Nigel Bowen Chambers.

It was the wig and gown that initially attracted Hamish Bevan to the law, and eventually the Bar.

“The theatre and the arguments enticed me,” says Bevan, an intellectual property law barrister.

After completing a Bachelor of Laws with first class honours in 2002, Bevan worked as a graduate lawyer in PricewaterhouseCooper’s legal construction group, before joining Allens Arthur Robinson in 2004 as a solicitor in the firm’s legal and dispute resolution team.

“While the work was often challenging and sometimes involved long hours, I worked with people of great intellect with unique approaches to the practise of law,” he says. “You could not help but learn from them.”

A year-long stint as an associate to Justice Emmett of the Federal Court also proved an “invaluable” experience, which Bevan still cherishes.

Admitted to the Bar in 2006, Bevan said he fell into the area of IP law when he started at Nigel Bowen Chambers.

“IP is always interesting. Each case throws up peculiar scenarios,” he says.

When asked how his career ambitions have changed since he began studying law, Bevan refers to “the exigencies of life and its impact on the exuberance of youth”.

But regardless of the daily pressures he faces, Bevan plans to stay put for some time.

“I still have a lot to learn,” he says.

To those young lawyers not sure whether or not to go down the private practice path, Bevan suggests taking some time off to travel and get perspective, and recommends keeping the Bar in mind.

Profile from The Australian Lawyer2B Annual 2012