Annabelle Chauncy

BA 2007, LLB 2010

Annabelle Chauncy is a country girl who grew up on a sheep and cattle farm in Canyonleigh in the Southern Highlands of NSW. She attended small primary and secondary schools before moving to Sydney to study at Sydney University.

Having completed her undergraduate Arts/Law degree, gaining some professional experience and meeting Dave, she made the decision to invest her legal knowledge in the non-profit sector and specifically School for Life Foundation. Annabelle’s passion lies in building relationships, managing events, sponsorships and business development.

A visit in 2007 as part of the World Youth International Overseas Service Project saw 21 year-old Annabelle spend three months in Kenya and Uganda, where she undertook aid work. Having fallen in love with the people and the continent, she returned to Australia dedicated and motivated to create realistic change in Africa.

Inspired to continue her work in Uganda, she returned for another two months in June 2008; then again from November 2008 to March 2009, where she led a volunteer school building project in Northern Uganda with Australian organisation, Hands of Help.

Annabelle currently manages the Australian operations of the School for Life Foundation. Her role includes management of fundraising and sponsorship, marketing, media and events. Annabelle has led a team of 30 volunteers over the past 2 years to organise two successful Black Tie & Barefoot Balls, hosting over 650 guests and raising $100,000 at each event.

About the School for Life Foundation
School for Life Foundation (previously United Future Foundation) was founded in 2008 by two young Australians, Annabelle Chauncy and David Everett, who share the same belief that education is a key factor in mobilising communities and inciting positive development in Uganda.

After spending considerable periods of time in Africa, specifically Kenya and Uganda, they were moved by the lack of access to education in rural areas of Uganda and the number of children falling through the cracks of the education system. So at the age of 21, the two university students formed the foundation and began building a following of devoted supporters.

Five years on, the foundation is responsible for the construction and running of Katuuso Primary and Vocational School, which today educates 120 young children from the rural community of Mpigi. Each student receives a high quality education, with access to modern learning environments and resources, as well as uniforms and three meals a day. The foundation also employs over 30 local adults as teachers, builders, security, cooks and maintenance staff, who have to date built two classrooms, a deep set borehole servicing the entire community, an outdoor shade shelter and 10 pit latrines.

The annual Black Tie & Barefoot Ball is the lifeblood of the foundation, raising funds for construction and maintenance at Katuuso. The money raised from the first ball in 2010 saw building commence in the same year, with Katuuso Primary and Vocational School opening its doors on 31 January 2011 to 81 excited children aged between four and seven, who commenced their education in Nursery and Primary 1.

Annabelle and David’s vision for the foundation is expansive, and in order to create a realistic change in the community, the education centre will not be limited to primary education. Enrollments are to be increased annually, with opportunities for education and training extended to adolescents, school dropouts and adults.

With immediate plans to use funds raised from the 2012 Black Tie & Barefoot Ball to commence construction on a third building stage, School for Life will see the education centre become an institution offering a high level of learning, by providing modern resources in a positive, colourful and comfortable environment. This aims to encourage students to achieve their full potential and meet their own personal goals.

For more information, to donate to the program or to sponsor a child at at Katuuso Primary and Vocational School, visit the website or Facebook page.