Naomi Hart

BA (Hons) 2009, LLB (Hons) 2011

Naomi Hart was the University of Sydney Convocation Medallist in 2011, and is a graduate lawyer at Allens Arthur Robinson.

Volunteering at the Redfern Legal Centre opened Naomi Hart’s eyes to the fact that the type of law taught in the classroom is not the type of law that’s required for “on the ground situations”.

Working on death row cases in New Orleans instilled in Hart a passion for helping people who experience vulnerability and marginalisation, every day of their lives.

As an intern for three months in New Orleans, Hart was tasked with researching the constitutional issues and obligations of prosecutors in capital cases, and even had the opportunity to meet the people whose lives they were defending.

“That was both incredibly confronting and incredibly enriching,” says Hart. “I couldn’t believe that there were these men who had lived on death row for longer than I’d been alive.”

Having studied a combined Bachelor of Arts in History and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney, Hart, who started as a graduate lawyer at Allens Arthur Robinson in February this year, says she always felt her future would be in law.

“I was attracted to the fact that law is quite intellectually rigorous and demanding and I was up for that challenge,” she says.

By representing the University of Sydney in debating tournaments, as well as establishing public speaking competitions, Hart learned the importance of good research and team work - skills that will stand her in good stead for her goal of becoming a barrister.

Profile from The Australian Lawyer2B Annual 2012