Dr Andrew Leigh MP

BA 1995, LLB(Hons) 1997

A father of two sons, Sebastian and Theodore, Andrew lives with his wife Gweneth in Hackett, ACT.

Prior to being elected in 2010 as the federal member for Fraser, Andrew was a professor of economics at the Australian National University.

Andrew has written extensively on a range of subjects, including education, taxation and social policy. He also writes regularly for the Australian press.

Andrew holds a PhD in public policy from Harvard, having graduated from the University of Sydney with first class honours in Law and Arts. He has previously worked as a lawyer (including a stint as associate to former High Court Justice Michael Kirby), and as a principal adviser to the Australian Treasury.

Andrew is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, and in 2011 received the 'Young Economist Award', a prize given every two years by the Economics Society of Australia to the best Australian economist under 40.

Andrew has been a member of the Australian Labor Party since 1991.

When not in the office, Andrew enjoys spending time with Gweneth and the boys. His favourite activities include jogging around the lake with Theodore in the stroller, and taking Sebastian along to play soccer.

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