Simon Philips

BA 1993, LLB(Hons) 1995

Simon Philips is a barrister, sports administrator and company director. He is currently serving as one of the Law representatives on the University of Sydney Alumni Council.

What made you decide to study law, and why did you choose Sydney Law School?

I had wanted to become a lawyer since my early teens, so studying law at University was a must for me. I chose to study law at Sydney University because I thought that it offered the best overall combined law degree course. I am pretty sure that I was right!

Where has the study of law taken you in your career and/or life in general?

Since graduation, I have been practising continuously, firstly as a solicitor for 6 years and then as a barrister for 10 years. My legal training has obviously been fundamental to my career path.

As a solicitor and barrister specialising in commercial litigation I have been involved in many interesting cases, including a long running dispute involving the development of a private hospital on the fringe of the University’s main campus.

After many years of involvement in the management of a large University sporting club, I recently became a director of the state parent body for a particular sport. The legal training that I received at and since University has been a huge help in my role as a sports administrator and company director.

My legal training has also assisted me when I have appeared before, or sat as a member of, various sporting tribunals and disciplinary panels.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Sydney Law School?

Hanging out with friends between lectures over coffee or at the pool table on Level 5 of the old Phillip St building.

What one piece of advice would you give to law students today?

Savour every second of your time at University.