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In changing times, Legal Knowledge is more important than ever

To deal with the urgent challenges our world faces – from climate change to financial regulation to finding a balance between international security and human freedom – we need experts who can understand the complex legal issues involved and craft workable solutions.

At Sydney Law School, our goal is to produce legal graduates and scholars who can tackle the pressing concerns that confront society in the 21st century. Our academic staff are leaders in their disciplines, providing the clear thinking needed to frame new carbon trading laws, protect refugees, regulate global finance and help address a host of other economic, social and environmental issues.

Meanwhile, they are providing an inspiring education to our talented students, equipping them with the skills of problem solving and advocacy to be able to contribute as influential lawyers, business executives, community leaders and citizens.

And because we live in a world where legal services are increasingly globalised, it has become a central plank of our mission to create Law School graduates with the ability to move flexibly across national borders and navigate different legal systems.

The stakes are high – no less than the future of the world and Australia’s place within it – which is why we are dedicated to expanding and enhancing the Law School’s rich program of world-class research and education. But we will need the loyal support of our alumni and friends to achieve our goals.