Register for the latest units of study

Register for the latest units of study

At the University of Sydney Law School, each postgraduate coursework unit of study in law comprises 24 to 26 contact hours. With up to 150 units of study taught each year, there is a comprehensive range for you to choose from.

There are two methods of delivery:

  • Semester length
      A semester-length unit is taught once a week on a weekday evening for two hours over 13 weeks.
  • Intensive
      Intensive units are taught over four or five days, permitting a flexible and convenient method of coursework study for busy professionals.
      An intensive unit may be taught in block mode (four or five days straight) or consecutive mode (over a consecutive period such as two days in one week and two days in a fortnight).

Semester Two (semester length units)

Units of study running from July to November

Semester Two (intensive units)

Short units of study running throughout the year between July and November