Semester One full-length units

Competition Law (LAWS6838) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain a firm grasp of the operation of the competition law provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010
Corporate Taxation (LAWS6030) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit consists of a detailed examination of the tax rules applied to companies and shareholders in a domestic setting in Australia.
  • The goals of the unit are to develop an understanding of the policies, detailed rules and current practical problems involved in the taxation of companies and shareholders and to explore why different solutions are used for these entities when compared to partnerships and trusts.
Crime Research and Policy (LAWS6032) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the research methods in the context of criminology and explore the relationship between theory and methodology.
  • Assess the production of knowledge about crime.
  • Examine the sources and forms of crime data.
Debt Financing (LAWS6038) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore legal aspects of debt financing in an increasingly global market environment.
  • Examine enforcement issues in the insolvency context. Consider the types of protection for which creditors should have bargained to safeguard their positions.
Explaining Crime (LAWS6048) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the relevance of theory to the process of explaining crime as a social phenomenon.
  • Analyse the history of criminological thought.
  • Assess contemporary approaches to criminological explanation including the influence of feminism and postmodernism.
  • Examine the cross-disciplinary nature of efforts to understand crime, criminality and their causes.
  • Explore the links between criminological theory and the development of public policy.
Forensic Psychology (LAWS6970) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the application of psychological knowledge and theories to all aspects of the criminal and civil justice systems.
  • Draw upon psychological evidence to explain and understand some of the people and processes involved in the legal system.
Functional Analysis of Law and Social Control (LAWS6187) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit examines the largely diffuse concepts of social control and the functions of law and proposes a more specific approach to legal theory which incorporates the latest findings of sociolegal research on the social effects of law.
Fundamentals of Commercial Law (LAWS6987) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an overview of commercial law, focusing on the broad but fundamental concept of commercial dealings.
International Import/Export Laws (LAWS6037) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit is a comparative study of international import/export laws. It does not look in detail at Australian law. The material covered in the unit is based on the WTO multilateral agreements which the 159 WTO member countries have adopted and which bind them on the topics covered.
Taxation & Regulation of Superannuation (LAWS6127) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit offers a detailed examination of the regulatory and tax rules affecting the superannuation industry in Australia.
Taxation of Corporate Finance (LAWS6125) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit will analyse the current law on the tax treatment of the principal forms of raising corporate finance from sources both in Australia and offshore, in Australian and foreign currencies, and of hedging the various exposures that a taxpayer may have from of its fund-raising and investments.