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Securities and Markets Regulation (LAWS6247) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the structure and regulation of markets for financial products, with particular emphasis on corporate securities, following the introduction of the Financial Services Reform Act.
  • The study is primarily a legal analysis, but also explores some financial theory relevant to legal response to market operation.
Shareholders' Remedies (LAWS6957) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the common problems experienced by members of various types of company.
  • Understand strategies for preventing or remedying those problems without recourse to litigation.
  • Understand the litigious remedies available to combat those problems.
  • Explore likely trends for future development of the law.
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Administrative Law (LAWS6011) REGISTER NOW
  • Develop a critical perspective upon the accountability of government decision-makers.
  • Examine theoretical frameworks for analysis of a range of issues concerning accountability, with reference to relevant principles of administrative law.
  • Analyse the separation of powers and the doctrine of ministerial responsibility, merits review tribunals, investigative tribunals and tribunal procedure.
  • Examines theories of participatory democracy, with reference to relevant legal principles drawn from procedural fairness, rules of standing and consultation requirements in rule making.
  • Examines theories of open government, with reference to statutory duties to give reasons for decisions and freedom of information legislation.
  • Examines the proper scope of administrative law by discussion of the issue of its extension to government business enterprises which are corporatised, privatised or contracted out.
Japanese Law (LAWS6879) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • Gain an introduction to Japanese law in a global context.
  • Undertake instruction from lecturers from Ritsumeikan and other leading Japanese universities, as well as from Australia, with guest lectures by prominent practitioners and a field study to a local bar association and the courts.
  • Interact with students from Japanese, Australian and other universities or institutions taking this unit, supported by the Australian Network for Japanese Law.
Labour Law (LAWS6071) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the principles of labour law.
  • Designed specifically for MLLR students who do not have a law degree or for any students with a law degree who have not recently undertaken an undergraduate labour law course.
  • The goal of the unit is to equip students with the fundamental principles of labour law that they will need to undertake more advanced labour law units within the MLLR and LLM Degrees.
US Corporate Law (LAWS6844) REGISTER NOW
  • Understand the structure and operation of US corporate law and corporate governance.
Work Safety (LAWS6096) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit of study is on work health and safety law and practice. Its main focus is on the role of law in preventing disease, injury and death at work, principally by focusing on the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW), the relevant case law, and the enforcement of the Act.
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Australian International Taxation (LAWS6209) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit focuses on corporate residence, source, non-resident withholding tax, relief from international double taxation, CFCs, transferor trusts, proposed new Foreign Accumulation Fund ("FAF") regime and repealed FIF rules, transfer pricing and thin capitalisation.
Comparative Corporate Taxation (LAWS6153) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit seeks to develop an ability to understand and analyze any corporate tax system and assess its impact on corporate decision making. With a dedicated textbook (written by the presenter), it does this by comparing a number of influential and archetypal corporate tax systems (both common law and civil law) and assessing their behaviour in the context of a number of practical problems.
Corporate Taxation (LAWS6030) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit consists of a detailed examination of the tax rules applied to companies and shareholders in a domestic setting in Australia.
Criminal Procedures (LAWS6035) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the processes of the criminal justice system.
  • Consider its successive and main stages and roles of the principal participants in the system, particularly the police, suspects, accused persons, prosecutors, defence counsel, judges and experts.
  • Study topics including: processes of criminal justice in New South Wales and Australia.
Environmental Law and Policy (LAWS6044) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an introduction to overarching themes in environmental law and policy as a foundation to more detailed studies for the Environmental Law Program.
  • Develop multi-dimensional thinking about environmental issues and the strategies needed to address them.
  • Gain a broad background of the political and economic issues in so far as they are related to the legal issues involved.
Explaining Punishment (LAWS6194) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore punishment, sentencing and penalty in modern society, particularly through an understanding of the relationship between punishment and social structure and the significance of punishment within the social and political order.
  • Adopt an interdisciplinary approach which draws on history, law, literature, sociology and criminology
Fundamentals of the Law of Trusts (LAWS6912) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire a comprehensive introduction to, and review of, the modern law of trusts.
Health Care and Professional Liability (LAWS6054) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore the role of law as a means to regulate/ set limits on the conduct of health professionals and examine debates about the proper role of law in regulating the provision of health care.
  • Provide a foundation for further study in health law by examining laws that govern the liability of health professionals across a range of fields (criminal law, torts, contract, and discrimination law) and mechanisms for the oversight and disciplining of health professionals.
  • Critically evaluate law reform initiatives (where relevant) with respect to legal liability, complaints mechanisms and disciplinary action against health professionals.
International Business Law (LAWS6059) REGISTER NOW
  • The objective of this unit is to provide students with an introduction to a number of areas of international business law and to provide an opportunity to study some of those areas in more detail.
International Financial Transactions: Law and Practice (LAWS6138) REGISTER NOW
  • Analyse the the capital markets, the loan market and the derivative markets.
International Investment Law (LAWS6916) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the core principles of international investment law, regional and bilateral investment treaties, the settlement of investment disputes, and the international economic and political context in which the law has developed.
  • Consider the origins and evolution of international investment law through to the recent formation of the current international legal framework for foreign investment through bilateral and regional investment treaties.
  • Examine the substantive principles contained within investment treaties and recent arbitral awards.
International Law I (Group A) (LAWS6243) REGISTER NOW
  • Gain an introduction to public international law.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the core principles and problems of, and contemporary issues in international law.
Introduction to Australian Business Tax (Group A) (LAWS6825) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit introduces the basic elements of Australia's income tax (including fringe benefits tax and capital gains tax), with an emphasis on their impact on businesses, whether conducted directly or via a partnership, trust or company.
Law and Healthy Lifestyles (LAWS6848) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit responds to growing interest in the law's response to tobacco use, obesity, poor diet, alcohol abuse and sedentary lifestyle - the leading causes of preventable disease in Australia, the United States, and increasingly, in developing economies.
Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System (Group A) (LAWS6252) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit has been designed to equip students with the necessary legal skills and legal knowledge to competently apply themselves in their chosen area of law
Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System (Group B) (LAWS6252) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit has been designed to equip students with the necessary legal skills and legal knowledge to competently apply themselves in their chosen area of law
Workplace Investigations (LAWS6305) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit of study provides a framework for conducting effective and fair workplace investigations.
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Biodiversity Law (LAWS6165) REGISTER NOW
  • Undertake an interdisciplinary approach to the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Examine how key concepts in ecology provide a foundation for the legal framework.
  • Examine the legal framework at international, national, and state levels, in terms of conventions and legislation, as well as policy and organisations.
  • Analyse the proper purpose, scope and effect of the laws, as well as how they work in practice.
  • Understand how principles of international and domestic law are implemented locally.
Criminal Justice: Developments in Prevention & Control (LAWS6193) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine responses to crime and crime prevention with reference to shifting notions of crime and responsibility for crime.
  • Gain a critical appreciation of the limitations of criminal justice system responses to crime.
  • Develop a broader approach to crime prevention policy which responds to economic, social and cultural issues.
  • Examines different ways of thinking about criminal justice, such as a means of order maintenance, dispute resolution, or risk management, and the shifting focus towards the prevention of future harms
Employment Law Advocacy (LAWS6937) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine key aspects of employment law principles and practice and their application in employment litigation
  • This unit of study is designed especially for candidates in the Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of Labour Law and Relations (MLLR) degree programs who have completed an LLB degree.
Fundamentals of Corporate Law (LAWS6810) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit focuses on the fundamental principles of law applying to public and proprietary companies.
Fundamentals of the Board and Directors' Duties (LAWS6319) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit explores the role of the board of directors in modern corporate governance and directors' duties.
Law and Investment in Asia (LAWS6932) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire a broad overview of the key legal issues commonly faced when investing and doing business in Asia.
  • Focus on the issues related to direct foreign investment by Australian or other foreign businesses in the jurisdictions dealt with in the course.
  • Examine commercial law across Asia with primary emphasis on Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and possibly India, including case studies.
Law, Justice and Development (LAWS6928) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire a critical overview to law and justice reform in international development.
  • Analyse the global reform experience over the past half-century.
Plain English in Legal Writing (LAWS6950) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • Analyse the role of plain English in legal writing, with particular emphasis on contract drafting, property documents, statutes, and advice-writing.
  • Examine the reasons for the 'traditional' style of legal writing, the research into the advantages and disadvantages of plain English, and the techniques for writing law in plain English.
Tax Litigation (LAWS6107) REGISTER NOW
  • Thousands of tax disputes arise each year in Australia. This unit aims to equip students with the skills to assist in resolving those disputes, both disputes which go before a court or tribunal and those which are resolved earlier.
Transfer Pricing in International Taxation (LAWS6123) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit examines transfer pricing law and practice in Australia in the area of international taxation.
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Capital Gains Tax (LAWS6169) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit examines the basic structure and core concepts of the CGT, and the specialist provisions that apply in a range of commercial and non-commercial contexts, such as the formation and sale of a business, conveyancing and property development, commercial and family litigation, and the settlement and administration of trusts.
Carbon Trading, Derivatives and Taxation (LAWS6936) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit of study is designed to appeal to students across a broad range of postgraduate programs and expands on existing offerings in the area of Climate Law.
Chinese International Taxation (LAWS6091) REGISTER NOW
  • The object of this unit is to provide an overview of the income tax system of China and a detailed analysis of the most important legislative and treaty rules of China in the area of international income tax, especially in dealings with Australia.
Commercial Conflict of Laws (LAWS6824) REGISTER NOW
  • The unit will focus on commercial disputes with a transnational dimension and explore both the law and strategic considerations involved in jockeying for forum: why it can matter, how it is done and how it can be resisted.
Consumer Contracts and Product Defects (LAWS6227) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine recent developments granting special legal protection to consumers, from historical, comparative, policy and practical perspectives.
  • Focus on aspects of the liability of suppliers of goods and services to consumers, sometimes called 'post-sale' consumer protection.
  • Assess the effectiveness of recent legislation in this field, comparing relevant European Community directives and related developments in the Asia-Pacific (eg Japan, New Zealand and the US).
Environmental Impact Assessment Law (LAWS6043) REGISTER NOW
  • Provide a sound analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures in NSW and at the Commonwealth level.
  • Develop a critical understanding of EIA as a distinctive regulatory device by examining its historical, ethical and political dimensions as well as relevant aspects of legal theory.
  • Combine the doctrinal and theoretical forms of knowledge to suggest possible improvements to the current practice of EIA in Australia.
Expert Evidence Law and Class Action Procedure (LAWS6307) REGISTER NOW
  • The expert evidence component of the unit will examine the role of expert witnesses, their reports and their testimony in civil and criminal cases.
Fundamentals of Contract Law (LAWS6991) REGISTER NOW
  • Learn how contracts operate as risk management tools by examining the legal principles arising in the formation, construction and discharge of contracts.
  • Gain an understanding of remedies available for breach of contract and factors that may vitiate a contract.
  • The unit prepares students for a range of units across postgraduate programs in commercial law, corporate, securities and finance law and international business law where a basic understanding of contractual law principles is valuable.
Global Oil and Gas Contracts and Issues (LAWS6933) REGISTER NOW
  • Undertake a review of the world's minerals-development regimes and the contracts that international investors use to implement them.
  • Examine the fiscal arrangements that nations use to obtain exploration and development.
  • Focus on the contracts that international investors use to share risks and rewards.
GST – International Issues (LAWS6891) REGISTER NOW
  • The object of the unit is to broaden your existing knowledge of the international coverage of Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and to develop an understanding of the policies, detailed rules, and current practical problems involved in applying GST to cross-border transactions.
International & Comparative Criminal Justice (LAWS6896) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore the growing internationalisation of criminal justice through an examination of forms of transnational crime and international conflicts and the infrastructure that is being developed to regulate global insecurities and criminal harms.
  • Explore the development of various institutions in response to international crimes and their relation to international human rights and access to justice.
  • Consider the different paradigms of justice that inform diverse international developments, notably contrasts between retributive and restorative justice.
International Environmental Law (LAWS6061) REGISTER NOW
  • Acquire an overview of the development of international environmental law throughout the 20th century.
  • Examine the international law and policy responses to global and regional environmental and resource management issues.
  • Discuss basic principles prior to taking a sectoral approach in looking at the application of international environmental law in specific issue areas.
International Humanitarian Law (LAWS6218) REGISTER NOW
  • Explore the origins and purposes of humanitarian law.
Introduction to Chinese Law (LAWS6857) REGISTER NOW
  • Examine the legal system of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Address Chinese legal history and tradition and the development of modern Chinese law.
  • Explore the influence of international law on the Chinese domestic legal system and China’s developing role in international law.
Law of the Sea (LAWS6047) REGISTER NOW
  • The oceans cover two-thirds of the world's surface, and are vital to international commerce, are a store of important living and nonliving resources, and provide indispensable environmental services including stabilising the global climate system.
  • Review the major areas of the law of the sea as it has developed over the centuries.
  • Where appropriate, reference will be made throughout the unit to relevant Australian law and practice, and to other state practice in the Asia Pacific Region.
Regulation of Corporate Crime (LAWS6317) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit will examine, from a comparative (particularly United States and United Kingdom) perspective, the current debates over the regulation of corporate crime from both legal and policy perspectives.
Tax Treaties (LAWS6177) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit is designed to study the policy, detailed rules and practical application of Australia's international tax treaties against the background of the OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital.
The Causation Element (LAWS6976) REGISTER NOW
  • The focus in this unit is on causation as an element in civil claims and criminal offences.
  • Consider special proof rules that are being developed to address the difficulties causation presents - loss of chance, material contribution, and presumed causation (following proof of breach).
US International Taxation (LAWS6171) REGISTER NOW
  • The object of this unit is to provide an overview of the income tax system of the US with a focus on the most important legislative and treaty rules of the US in the international income tax area, especially in dealings with Australia.
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Corporate Innovation and Abuse (LAWS6318) REGISTER NOW
  • This unit will cover the recent and dramatic changes in the operation and regulation of multinational corporations.
Tax Treaties Special Issues (Group A) (LAWS6946) REGISTER NOW
Offshore unit of study - please email for details
  • This unit of study considers a number of specialised topics in the area of tax treaties, largely reflecting the work of the OECD and United Nations on tax treaties currently and in the last decade.